Moving Blues: How to Help Your Children Cope

Children expect many changes to happen throughout their lifetime. From their appearance and behaviour as they experience puberty, to the educational institutions they have to go to as they grow older, change is bound to happen. One notable change that can be considered optional, however, is having to move houses.

Your family may be moving to accommodate your growing needs, so a house in Milsons Point is now more favourable than an apartment in Melbourne. Another reason may be the desire to design and create your own home instead of a pre-built one, so now you are off searching for land for sale in Geelong, Victoria or perhaps in New South Wales.

Kid running inside new home

Regardless of the reason behind your decision, one thing will stay true: everyone in the family has to cope and adjust. The length it takes to fully adapt to a new situation varies from person to person, but young kids and teenagers may have more difficulty doing so since they have more or less no control over the move.

As parents, here are the things you can do to help ease your children’s stresses and worries during the transition period from your old house to your new home.

Get them acclimated to the idea of moving

One of the best ways to help kids and teens accept the fact that they have to leave their home is by showing off the new space. This may even pre-date the actual move itself by bringing them along during showcases so that they feel as if they are somewhat in control of the situation.

It also makes it so that the idea of moving will not be all too new when it is time to leave. Consequently, by introducing and hyping up your new home, they will have something to look forward to amidst all the tears that are bound to spill when they have to say their goodbyes.

Prepare for questions

Remind your children that they can ask anything about the relocation. Then, give them honest answers each time. They will want to know about schools and activities in the new neighbourhood. They will also ask for advice about making new friends. They will also ask if they have the liberty to design their new rooms. Being open to your kids will surely help them feel more comfortable and confident about the upcoming move.

Let them help

Family in front of their new home

Having your kids help out with the process of moving allows them to have some semblance of control of the situation. Take them along during furniture and paint shopping, maybe let them pack their own belongings. Help them decide which things to bring in your new home and which ones to donate or throw away. Treating them like proper adults may result in less tantrums and tears when the family is about to drive away.

Including the younger members of the family throughout the entire process can ease the pain of moving. It will also help them cope with packing up their lives in boxes and leaving everything behind.

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