How to Use a Self Dumping Hopper

Using self dumping hoppers requires some kind of training. You need to know how these self dumping hoppers operate. The first thing you need to do, especially when you are operating a forklift with the self dumping hopper, is to engage the parking brake and take off the seat belt.

Use three points of contact to get off the forklift. Go over to the chain where your dumpster might not have a thing.

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Put it around the master range. Ensure you are not side-shifting while the chain is on. Take the lever strap right there, which is just a piece of orange banding attached to the lever. It helps you in not reaching up and grabbing it to pull it down.

There is a magnet on the end so that you can easily attach it to whatever surface you want. Using the three points of contact, you can get back on the forklift and put on your seat belt. Turn on the forklift and disengage the parking brake. Proceed to lift the dumpster and tilt it forward.

Lower it to where you can see the front of the dumpster line up with the lip of the trash and then go forward to meet that. Try to approach it squarely. Ensure you do not ram into the dumpster. Meet it and put the emergency brake back on and turn off the forklift.


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