How to Load a Roll-off Dumpster

In This segment of the YouTube video “Loading A Roll Off Dumpster – Step By Step,” the speaker guides viewers through the process of loading a roll-off dumpster rental onto a trailer. The speaker emphasizes the use of ideal rails to align with the wheels, preventing damage. They no longer use four-by-fours under the dumpster, preferring to load it on its wheels. Demonstrating the alignment process, the speaker advises ensuring the rails are almost straight up and an inch off the ground for optimal placement.

Video Source

The video details the use of a factory winch remote to lift the dumpster onto the rails and secure it with two chains, a winch cable, and a locking pin.

Continuing, the video illustrates the importance of preventing wheel scraping and emphasizes proper alignment before attempting to move the dumpster. The presenter offers practical insights into loading roll-off dumpsters onto trailers, highlighting safety measures such as wearing gloves and suggesting ring wearers also use gloves for added safety.

Additionally, the video addresses loading roll-off dumpsters with non-standard rails, covering the use of a tarp and providing troubleshooting tips for securing the dumpster properly. The presenter demonstrated loading various types of dumpsters onto the trailer while reinforcing the importance of safety measures, including the use of gloves. This comprehensive guide equips viewers with the knowledge to load roll-off dumpsters safely and efficiently, emphasizing practical considerations for both standard and non-standard rail configurations.


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