How to Keep Your Tools Organized

Is your workshop in a state of disarray? Are you having trouble finding the right tools amidst the mess? Here are some organizing tips that can transform your workshop into an orderly work haven.

Regardless of how many tools you have, it can be pretty easy to lose track of where everything is. That is if you don’t know how to keep your workshop organized. If you’re sick of going back to your nut and bolt supplier or local hardware store because you keep misplacing your tools, here are a few ways you can keep your workshop organized.

1. Take Inventory of Your Tools

Take an inventory of your workshop to see what tools you have, how many they are, and what categories you can group them into together. If you have valuable tools in your shop, it also helps to keep a list that you can countercheck if anything should go missing.

2. Separate Different Categories of Tools

Create different zones for various types of tools in your workspace. Separate your power tools, screwdrivers, hammers, measuring instruments, nuts, and bolts, and everything in between. In this way, you know where to find your tools without rifling through every drawer.

3. Hang Tools on a Pegboard

For tools that you use frequently and need easy access to, hang them on a pegboard backing above your work table. You can also use pegboards to hang bigger tools that would otherwise use up space in the closet.

4. Use Clear Containers

Imagine needing a specific tool that you’ve stashed somewhere in your cabinets, and now you have no idea which cabinet you put it in? Having clear containers can get rid of this annoying problem. Instead of colored plastic boxes or crates, use clear totes for small to medium-sized tools and clear repurposed jars for screws and bolts.

5. Build a Charging Station

Now, this is something you haven’t thought of before, have you? Build a charging station for your cordless power tools as your next project, then hang it up on the wall near an electrical socket. Not only will this make charging your tools more accessible, but it will also decrease the risk of you misplacing your batteries and chargers.

6. Maximize your Wall Space

Build as many cabinets and shelves as you want, but without cluttering your wall too much. On the other hand, avoid wasting valuable wall space by not using hooks or brackets only.

7. Store Valuables in Lockable Cabinets

If you have valuable tools in your workshop that need secure storage, dedicate a cabinet or two for their storage. Install a lock on the cabinet doors so you can keep your expensive tools secure whenever you leave your workshop.

8. Utilize Ceiling for Storage

making use of the ceiling

For bulky items that you don’t need constant access to, such as camping gear or seasonal stuff, you can store them in bins on custom shelving on the ceiling.

And finally, the number one tip to keeping your workshop organized is to return your tools in their proper place every time. In this way, the mess doesn’t accumulate and you can refrain from misplacing your valuable tools in your shop.

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