How to Keep Your Stress Levels Under Control as You Plan Your Wedding

When we planned our wedding in our heads as teenagers, it made us feel all giddy and excited, but when the time comes that we need to actually plan it for real, the excitement can quickly turn into stress. Of course, we want everything to be perfect, and we’re not settling for anything less, which is why it drives us nuts when something goes wrong.

It’s understandable why you stress over your wedding planning, but you don’t have to be beaten by it that you’ll walk the aisle with dark circles underneath your eyes. Go easy on yourself in the process and get all the help you need. Go for only the finest vendors of gorgeous bridal dresses in Orem, Utah, or other places, and only have the best stylists glam you up during the big day. When you’re certain that you’ve got the right and most reputable vendors, a large portion of your stress will be whisked away.

That said, here’s how you can overcome the stress of wedding planning:

Know the Signs

Sometimes, we mistake our stress for being just too excited, but when we’re already sacrificing sleep and meals to run some wedding-related tasks, it’s no longer a healthy excitement. Use your lunchtime at work wisely. Set a schedule where you can dedicate some breaks solely for eating and resting, and a few for wedding planning tasks.

Another sign of being too stressed out is fighting a lot with your fiance. Your wedding should excite both of you, not the opposite. Enjoy some dates where you can set aside all wedding-related worries, and only slide in wedding talks when you’re both well-rested already.

Overthinking and procrastination are also telltale signs of high stress levels, so when you’re already experiencing one or both, take a pause and only come back to the planning once your mind has already cleared. When procrastination dawns, re-organize your checklist or notes to better see what still needs to be done. Start with the simpler tasks first before diving right into the more demanding ones.

Set Priorities Straight

At the initial stages of the planning, make the essentials a priority right away. Set clear goals and a budget plan, and make sure that every decision you make is in accordance with your plans.

Set Boundaries, But Be Open to Compromise

If your parents and/or future in-laws contributed funds to the wedding, that gives them some say to your wedding, too. This could be a problem, but with clear communication, compromises can be made so that every wish would be granted. However, remember to set reasonable boundaries because, after all, the wedding should be about you and your fiance, and pleasing each and every family member and guest is just unrealistic.

Plan Your Wedding


In the midst of the planning chaos, don’t neglect self-care. Aside from not skipping meals, also take time to meditate, do something you enjoy, and most of all, rest. Exercise can also help. When you’re well-rested and refreshed, you can plan your wedding with a clear mind at all times.

Prepare a Plan-B

Even if you want to attract only good fortunes on your wedding day, there are still things you can’t control, such as the weather. While planning, list courses of action that will come in handy once something goes wrong. From your wedding dress to the event styling, always be prepared for any problem.

While stress will always be a part of wedding planning, it shouldn’t stop the fun from existing. When it has already taken a toll on your joy, take some time off to reflect on why you’re getting married. After gathering your thoughts, you’ll come back with fresher ideas and a happier heart.

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