Help Protect Your Kid from Gum Disease

Kids are just as prone to gum disease as adults. That’s why it’s crucial to help them get protected as early as possible. Periodontal disease or gum disease is a severe bacterial infection. The virus destroys the gums and affects the supporting teeth, causing the person to lose them.

There are various reasons a child develops such a disease. Experts say that one of the main culprits is plaque buildup. If it gets left untreated, the plaque tends to harden, which causes calculus or tartar.

Understanding gum disease

Although children don’t usually develop a severe form of gum disease. They are prone to gingivitis. One of the earliest signs of gingivitis is puffy, swollen gums. Once a child develops the disease, their gums will be prone to bleeding. Also, children with mild gum disease can suffer from chronic bad breath. It will not go away even if they regularly brush or floss their teeth. As gum disease progresses, their teeth will start to wiggle. Soon, the gums will begin to develop pockets as the plaque continues to spread.

Proper prevention and treatment

One of the best ways to protect your child from gum disease is encouraging good dental hygiene. You need to teach them proper oral hygiene so that they can carry it with them as they grow. You can also ask them to floss their teeth once a day.

Introducing your child to their dentist on their first birthday can also help. Doing so will ensure that they won’t develop any phobia when it comes to attending dental appointments. While you’re at it, you can consider scheduling a deep cleaning treatment for your kid. Oral prophylaxis for children will help remove any plaque or tartar under his infected gum and tissue. It will also help smoothen any damaged root surfaces along with his teeth.

If cleaning isn’t helping, then the dentist can suggest putting your child under medication. He can put the antibiotic directly into the periodontal sockets to treat the disease. Acting as a good role model is also a great way to encourage them to take care of their oral health.

How to get the most out of your dental visit

dentist checking boy's teeth

Regular visits to the dentist are an excellent way to protect your child from any kind of oral disease. But it always pays to get the most out of your visits so that you can properly manage your child’s oral health.

Before your visit, you need to list down all your questions that need clarification from the dentist. Doing so will help you get all the answers that you need from a reliable source. You should also write down the diagnosis or any instructions to help manage your child’s oral condition. Lastly, ask if you can contact your child’s dentist even after office hours. Knowing this information is crucial, especially if your child becomes ill.

If you notice any signs of gum disease in your child, reach out to their dentist immediately. Neglecting to treat it will only make matters worse.

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