For That Energy Boost: Ways to Get All Pumped Up When Moving

Moving isn’t only a stressful event; it can be extremely exhausting as well. All the tasks you have to complete requires a good amount of energy, from packing all the stuff you’ll take with you and talking to local movers here in Broward County, to unpacking everything and decorating your new home.

In between all of these, your regular work and other responsibilities still remain, which also demand the same level of attention and time as they always do. For many, it’s already challenging to find the energy get up in the morning, go to work, and live our normal lives. But, it gets even more difficult during a move.

To get everything done, you need a lot of physical as well as mental energy during a move. So, how do you handle all your tasks with limited time? Here are some ideas on how to boost your energy when preparing to move:

Never skip your breakfast

As the cliché says, eat breakfast like a king. People who never miss their breakfast every morning feel less fatigue and stress compared to those who do. Instead of eating pastry or a sweet roll, get some high-fiber food instead, Hot oatmeal is an excellent choice.

It provides the right amount of energy and is easy to prepare. You’ll notice that as the day goes on, you’ll feel less hungry, and hunger can lead to lower energy levels.

Get quality sleep

It’s easy to miss a few hours of sleep during a move. This all makes absolute sense, though, since generally, the only time you’ll really get to work on all the packing and everything else on your to-do list is at night after office hours. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should be pulling all-nighters.

Give yourself some TLC

Fatigue and stress are closely related, and so are moving and stress. While getting enough hours of sleep will help you stay alert, it’s still a great idea to give yourself proper care in other areas as well. This could be as simple as lighting some aroma candles.

Diffusing some stress-relieving essential oils while you pack and putting on a facial mask while wrapping up your dishes can work, too. When you start to feel a little overwhelmed about all the packing, do some gentle stretching for 10 to 15 minutes.

Grab some nuts

Almonds and peanuts contain high-levels of magnesium and folate o folic acid, which are essential nutrients for both energy and cell production. When you don’t have enough of these nutrients in your system, you’ll start to feel weary. So, keep a handful of these nuts right next to you while you pack.

Sing your favorite tune

Couple running together

This might sound a little odd, but singing does wonders in giving you an energy boost. It gives you a kind of emotional high you need while reducing the levels of stress hormones you have in your body. So, get your hairbrush, put on your favorite Spotify playlist, and sing and your heart away as you pack those clothes and shoes inside your moving boxes.

Finally, if you’re really feeling so tired after long hours of packing and everything in between, reward yourself and take some rest.

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