Five Ways to Prevent Wear and Tear in Your Home’s Busiest Areas

Any house that’s been lived in will eventually show signs of wear and tear – it’s a big reason why many Utahns reinvest in home improvements. You’ll soon notice that these aren’t distributed uniformly – there are certain parts of your home which are more exposed to foot traffic, spills, and other incidents. Here are five tips to help maintain these key areas of your Utah home.

Use the right materials

In general, design principles should put function ahead of form. But many homes don’t adhere to this all the time. Bleached or light-toned wood can look great, for instance, but it doesn’t have to extend throughout the house. You’ll be reminded of that when you start using the kitchen a lot and have to deal with spills and stains.

If you’re in the process of building your new home or are willing to undertake some renovation, you have the chance to adjust and use more durable materials in areas of the house which suffer the most wear and tear. Break up the wooden flooring with sections of ceramic tile or natural stone at entryways or around the kitchen. With the variety of material options available, it doesn’t even have to detract from the overall look.

Protect and cover

Another option to extending the lifespan of your flooring in high-traffic areas would be to make effective use of cover. Rugs can be selectively laid out across the busiest spots. Carpets can extend over a greater surface area and provide a uniform look along with a functional cover.

Welcome mats offer a method of protecting your home from dirt and grime by dealing with it before entry. This is vital when the Utah weather gets rainy or local authorities to start salting the roads in West Jordan. For example, a simple entrance mat will absorb much of the water and salt, which would otherwise cause surface quality to deteriorate rapidly.

Keep pets under control

woman with her pet dogAny pet owner knows that there will be occasions when your four-legged friend treats the floor as a free-for-all toilet or your chairs and tables as scratching posts. It comes with the territory; housebreaking your pets and keeping them from being bored or anxious can help minimize damage to your home.

However, all pets have individual and species-related behaviors, so it’s not always possible to effectively discipline yours. In that case, look for pet-specific covers for furniture and floors, and always be ready to clean up after their mess.

Clean regularly

Even durable materials can acquire persistent stains and grime. Rugs and other forms of cover are effective solutions, but they require cleaning as well to remove accumulated dirt and dust. Make sure you clean regularly and spot clean as needed to prevent lasting discoloration. If special care is needed to remove dirt without causing damage, don’t hesitate to bring in professional services such as carpet cleaning in the West Jordan area.

Have a code of conduct

Protective measures can only take you so far – people’s behavior also plays a part. Posting simple reminders can be an easy way to maintain your home. Signs for visitors to leave dirty footwear at the door, or clean up after themselves, will effectively implement a reasonable code of conduct at your home.

Homes will inevitably age and accrue signs of having been lived in, but you don’t have to allow deterioration. With these measures, you’ll be able to take good care of your home’s high-traffic areas for years to come.

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