Entering Rehab? Here’s What to Expect

If you’re entering a rehab facility, you’ll be wondering what it would be like inside. Maybe you already have some ideas because you’ve seen several movies and TV shows depicting life inside a rehabilitation center, but are these portrayals true? It won’t be a surprise if you still have a few questions about the way things work in a center for alcoholism treatment. Pocatello, Idaho has some of the best rehabilitation centers that can give you the answers you’re looking for. But, if you truly want to know what’s life is like inside a treatment center, then read on.

Everyone wakes up early

Every rehab center works on the idea that the best way to fix yourself is to start early in the morning. Every day you’ll be required to wake up as early as 7 A.M. and you won’t be allowed to sleep in no matter how much you protest. The reason behind this is that people with substance abuse problems need to start rehabilitating their selves by incorporating discipline into their lives.

What better way to be more disciplined than developing a habit of waking up early every morning, right? Expect to wake up at 7 A.M. or even earlier for some exercises. It may sound tedious at first, but you’ll get used to it and at least you’ll have a hearty breakfast to look forward to.

Everyone joins therapy sessions

Most rehab centers employ therapy sessions to help recovering individuals learn more about their weaknesses and strengths and to meet like-minded individuals. Most people with substance abuse problems seem isolated because of their addiction, and rehab centers are here to tell them that they’re not alone in their journey to fixing their selves by grouping them with other recovering individuals.

Aside from group therapy, each individual will have a one-on-one therapy session with a counselor. This is to find effective ways to kick off bad habits by identifying triggers. It’s also to help individuals feel safe so they can share freely their fears and concerns about their well-being.

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Everyone is forbidden to touch any drug or alcohol

For obvious reasons, alcohol and drugs are strictly forbidden in rehab centers. Even the smallest amount could lead a recovering person back into their addiction. It’s the reason why these centers have a strict rule: No drugs or alcohol. If they catch you with these substances, you’ll be kicked out of the facility.

Everyone is forbidden to develop an intimate relationship

You may form a platonic bond with your fellow recovering individuals, but you’re not allowed to develop an intimate relationship. The reason behind this is that you need to focus on your recovery than having a romantic relationship, which can deter you from your path.

Romantic relationships require an individual to focus on the other person’s needs. But, if you’re working on recovering from addiction, you don’t have the luxury of giving another individual your attention. It would be better if you avoid intimate relationships while in rehab.

If you’re ready to enter a rehabilitation center, hopefully, you’ll be able to comply with their rules. They may seem ridiculous and unnecessary for you, but rest assured that these facilities are only doing them for your benefit.

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