Enjoying Your Short Trip in London Without Going Broke

London has been a must-visit for travellers, especially for millennials. With the country steeped in culture and history plus lots of hip happenings, there is always something that you can do while in the city, even if you’re on a short overnight trip.

However, it’s also one of the most expensive destinations. If you’re not too careful with your spending, you may end up burning through your budget way before your trip ends. If you’re looking to maximise your visit to London without hurting your pocket, here are some few clever ideas:

Go to attractions that near to each other

While London has lots of attractions to see and visit, keep in mind that it is a vast city. You’ll spend most of the time commuting and weaving through crowded streets to get to your next destination, and that you could easily take lots of your time and money.

One trick is to plot out your itinerary and see which ones are near to each other. From there, you can sort out how long it would take you to get to the next stop.  Fortunately, many good, cheap hostels in London are close to popular spots. It would be much easier for you to get to your next destination when you are checked in at a hotel that is near to the ones you want to visit, be it the famous food markets or the museums.

Visit the free museums

Speaking of museums, be sure not to miss out on free museums in London. There are about 20 museums in the great city, including the National Gallery, which houses over 2,000 paintings from different periods in history. You can even visit just the museums on your first day if you want and fully emerged yourself in arts and culture.

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Join free walking tours

If you’d rather spend your precious time exploring the city instead, it’s better to join free walking tours. While you can also download a guide on your mobile and explore the city yourself, it’ still a different experience when you have a guide who can show you all the exciting sights and sounds around London.

Plus, there are lots of different kinds of walking tours you can join, depending on your preferences. There are food walking tours where you get to try all sorts of delectable food, or if you feel a bit more adventurous, try the haunted history tours.

Sip a cuppa while people-watching

You don’t have to be always on the move to see all of London’s best. You also need to take a break once in a while and recharge for more sightseeing. What better way to do than to drink tea while people-watching, right? Good thing that tea bars and cafes are scattered around the city, and it would not be difficult to find a spot with great views.

There’s no denying London’s reputation as a popular but expensive travel destination. But you don’t have to spend a lot just to see and experience the best the city can offer, especially if you are on a tight schedule. With careful planning, you can enjoy London without going broke.

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