Effects of Improper Waste Disposal

Cleaning up your own mess is also part of family discipline. In spite of this, you would wonder, why are there still many people throwing garbage improperly? Improper garbage disposal can produce many unwanted effects such as:

Health Hazards

One of the most undesirable things that you would want to avoid is the hazardous health effects it can give. For instance, someone throws some worn-out batteries on the ground. Then children play outside. Since children are naturally curious, they will play with the battery. Over time, the acid in the batteries will leak. Skin contact with these leaks can cause skin irritation. Some batteries contain nickel-cadmium which can cause severe internal organ damage if ingested. Also, leaks of lead-acid batteries can cause brain and kidney damage if inhaled. The battery can also leak to the waste water system further contaminating the water supply.

Increase the presence of pests


During your science subjects in school, your teaches may have discussed that organic matter decomposes. Food is an organic matter and it will decompose. With improper disposal, it will attract flies. Flies will lay eggs on the food and will soon turn into maggots, which after a couple of days, will turn into more flies. Uncovered garbage will also attract rats. As the number of pests increases, so will the possibility of disease.

Hazards for animals

Perhaps you have come across marine wildlife dying from swallowing plastics or getting caught up with plastic rings. Haphazardly throwing your trash into the ocean or any body of water has some fairly severe consequences. Note that some of your food comes from natural bodies of water. The trash that you throw in these bodies of water becomes food for the fish and other wildlife. Fishermen will catch the fish and sell them to the market, which you will buy and eat. The end result of all this is that you will probably end up consuming part of the trash that you yourself tossed out. The cycle will not end and eventually either there will be no fish to catch or humans will get ill from eating them.

Pollutes the water and air

Companies who do not follow sanitary standards will frequently cut corners by using a nearby river or a natural body of water as their waste disposal system. As the chemicals from these industrial facilities join the water, soon water will not be safe enough for humans to drink. There will be no clean rivers or lakes you can enjoy for a swim. Factories that continuously emit smoke will soon leave you gasping for breath and needing masks to prevent being sick from inhaling the polluted air.

Along with other factors, the environment plays an important role in maintaining the health of an individual. One careless plastic thrown to the river or one battery left on the ground can produce a myriad of harmful effects. Why not start the change in your own home and get some clear recycling bins for you and your family and save the planet in your own little way?

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