Don’t brush missing teeth under the carpet

If you are suffering from low self-esteem and in the habit of covering your mouth when you talk or smile, it could be that this is because you are missing one or multiple teeth. From gum disease to tripping over a rug, there are many reasons why one loses teeth, but one thing is for sure, not only will your teeth get knocked, your confidence will do too.

Your dentist may suggest a number of options to solve your dental problem but don’t panic, there will always be a solution for you! One of the dentistry procedures which will probably be offered comes in the form of dental implants.  Today, this modern tooth replacement treatment is a solution that looks natural and also has the ability to last for as long as your real teeth.

Filling in the blanks

Retro and vintage we love ….. but not when it comes to replacing our teeth! But never fear, for the artificial teeth of today allow you to live life to the full, eating and drinking what you desire and no, they won’t move around your mouth!

But just how does the procedure of implants work? The treatment comprises of a small, but very strong screw or post, made from titanium and positioned into the jaw bone and then an artificial tooth being mounted on to this structure.  Do you have multiple teeth missing?  No problem, because replacing a single or a number of teeth is possible with this type of option through attaching more than one replacement tooth to a single implant.

Caring for your new white, fashion accessories

dental hygiene

If you are in general good health and are a non-smoker, there is no reason why your implant cannot last for life. But a good oral hygiene regime is very important in maintaining your new pearly whites. Simply ensuring that you brush twice a day and floss or use alternative interdental cleaners to prevent bacteria and plaque building up, will help to keep your new teeth in good condition. Regular check ups with your dentist and hygienist will also be recommended to you and will go a long way to keeping your gorgeous new teeth tip-top!

Get laughing again!

Life can be stressful enough, without the added pressure of having to hide your mouth all the time.  Laughing and smiling are two of the most joyful experiences a human being can have, so it is such a shame that due to low self-esteem many people simply stop enjoying themselves.  Thank goodness, therefore, for modern dental technology, which has allowed us all to gain our smiles and our confidence back!

Regular dental checkups and a superb oral health regime should mean that you can go back to your old self, enjoying your new teeth for many years to come!

So why not seize the day and visit your dentist and ask for the best advice on how to reach your goal of a molar, morale boost!

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