Dealing with Neck Pain When You’re on the Road

Neck pain has lots of different causes including stress, sitting or standing uncomfortably for a long time, carrying objects that are too heavy for you, or even sleeping with the wrong pillow or in an unnatural position.

Having chronic neck pain can affect the way you live, most especially if you are a well-traveled person. Today, we will discuss a couple of things that you can do to make sure that your neck pain wouldn’t get in the way of your trip, as well as when you should actually consider seeing a chiropractor in your city.

Pack your Meds

If you have chronic neck pain and you usually take medication for it, then make sure to pack those medicines in your bag right away. Put it in your checklist so you would not forget to bring it.

There are over-the-counter medicines that can help alleviate neck pain such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen, but if you are constantly suffering from it, then it would be best to visit a chiropractor and have them give you medicines for the pain.

Keep it Light

You’d definitely want to pack light, as carrying too much stuff can put additional strain on your neck. Make sure to bring clothes that are pretty light and ones that you can mix and match easily. For shoes, you just might want to pack one or two pairs and wear the heaviest one when traveling.

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Use Both Shoulders

Don’t let your bag stay on one shoulder for a long time, as this can easily strain your neck and even your back. Make sure to alternate your shoulders when it comes to carrying your bag so you can distribute the weight of your bag to both shoulders.

Stretch it Out

Stretch your neck from time to time to avoid cramps. Simply rotate your head up, down, and side to side every now and then to avoid pain. You should also avoid sitting for too long on the plane, so go ahead and walk around the aisle if you need to.

If you need to sleep on the bus or the plane, then make sure that you will do so in a comfortable position. Bring a neck pillow with you so you can rest your head on it properly.

Check for a Massage Station

If your neck is giving you a hard time at the airport, then see if there is a massage parlor around. Most airports have these – all you have to do is search the area and see if they offer neck massages.

Additionally, make sure that you are not talking on your phone for too long. You might get bored while boarding, and talking on the phone with a friend might be a good option. If you need to talk for long minutes, then consider using a pair of headphones instead.

Always pay attention to your neck and if anything feels off. Do not let it worsen if you feel the pain coming or else, this can ruin the whole trip. Get a massage or take your meds as soon as you feel the pain so you can easily ease it out.


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