A Quick Getaway: Why Essex Should Be on Your Travel List

For many travel enthusiasts, the COVID-19 pandemic made 2020 such a tragic year. Several countries imposed travel bans that virtually put an end to everyone’s travel goals. This was all for the best though. The spread of the virus happened at such a fast rate, governments had trouble containing the transmission. Travel bans were put in place to protect both citizens and tourists.

The development and manufacturing of a vaccine, however, has made things significantly better. Lockdowns in various parts of the world have begun to ease. Some countries have also lifted their travel bans. This means tourism will finally see a resurgence in the near future, as long as tourists get tested and undergo the necessary quarantine procedures of course.

Where To Next?

The United Kingdom is obviously one of the go-to countries within the European region for any traveler. With its bustling cities and peaceful countrysides, what’s not to love?

There is certainly a lot to look forward to in terms of the UK’s travel and tourism industry in the coming years. A lot of experts come bearing good news. Cleaner rivers, revitalized wildlife, and greener cities are just some of the things you should expect on your next visit.

A lot of people will surely be looking to fulfill their wanderlust after being cooped up inside their homes for quite some time. In the post-pandemic era, Essex should definitely be one of the top locales on everybody’s list on their trip to England.

Rustic Experiences Right Beside the Capital

Essex is often perceived as idyllic with its medieval villages and vast countryside. It gives off a predominantly rural vibe despite being so close to the busy London capital. Surely, once you’ve toured this part of Britain, you’ll find yourself wanting to hire real estate agents in hopes of never having to leave.

This place is perfect for those looking for a quick escape from all the urban sights and sounds without having to travel too far. From market towns to historic castles, make sure to include these places in your next travel itinerary.

Britain’s Oldest City

Being considered as the oldest recorded city, Colchester is undoubtedly filled with a rich and vibrant history. Even the city’s most popular public park is backdropped by the beautiful remains of an ancient castle. Colchester Castle Park has become a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike.

The city also boasts housing one of the top 50 museum collections in the UK. Firstsite is one of the country’s leading contemporary museums which is open and free for everyone all year round. The Beth Chatto Garden, on the other hand, is just one of the many perfect spots for a relaxing cup of tea.

The best part? Many of these must-see attractions are within walking distance from the city center. There is no shortage of avenues to experience this city’s deep culture.

At the Mouth of the Thames

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Southend-On-Sea is a popular seaside resort built right on the mouth of the Thames Estuary where the waters of the River Thames and the North Sea meet. This village is the perfect place to explore Britain’s famous river.

Travel just a short distance away and you’ll arrive at the Southend Pier. This is one of the longest piers in the world at approximately 1.3 miles long. The long stretch of the deck of this pier serves as a great spot for fishing or just taking in the sea breeze while taking a stroll. Located at the end is a museum, another picturesque spot for, you guessed it, a cup of tea.

Southend’s beaches are also something to look forward to, especially if you’re visiting during the peak of summer. Swim, sail, or just enjoy some delicious fish and chips while admiring the beautiful seascape.

Medieval Market Town

Walking through the quaint but charming market town of Saffron Walden will surely feel like being back in time. Widely known for its buildings’ medieval architecture, this town has beautifully preserved its heritage.

Make sure to visit the Audley End House and Gardens when you pass by Saffron Walden. The Audley End House was actually bought by Charles II in 1668. It’s no wonder traces of a lavish lifestyle reserved for nobles at the time fill the structure from the interior and even the vibe.

Tuesday and Saturday are the market days so time your visit accordingly. All the townspeople, from local farmers to buskers, will surely come out providing a great opportunity to watch and experience the town’s culture. It’s amazing how Saffron Walden is able to maintain its rustic character despite its proximity to Cambridge and London.

Surely you’re already itching for an adventure to explore all the wonderful things that Essex has in store. Who isn’t? The idyllic scenery of the British countryside is something else. At least once the global pandemic dies down, you’ll know where to go first.

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