Creature Comforts: How to Keep Pets Comfortable During a Move

While your big move may be exciting for you, your fur babies may not feel the same. Pets like dogs and cats are creatures of habit. They may have certain spots in your current home where they love to sleep and hide. Maybe they love playing on the grass of your backyard.

Like us, being away from their comforts can make your pets stressed. Plus, unfamiliar sensations like smells and sounds from your new neighborhood may add to their anxiety. Keep your pets comfortable during your move. Consider these suggestions.

Shield Them from Sudden Changes

When you have a packing and moving service provider over to prepare your stuff for transport, keep your pet away from the process. The loud noises that come from disassembling furniture and packing them may disturb your fur baby. If you have a kennel or a carrier, keep them comfortable there while you finish up. Make sure to play with them or go for a walk when you do take a break. This way, their routines are followed until you hit the road.

Help Them Move Into Their Carriers

As much as your pet may love being in the car, you can’t take any chances when you’re transporting them, especially if you’re moving out of Louisiana. They may escape through your door or window during a stopover and get lost. The best way to take them to your new home is through a carrier. Make it their home by placing their favorite treats or toys inside. Try to transfer their bowl inside the carrier and see how they respond to eating inside it. Put one of your old shirts inside it so they’ll associate its smell to being home with you.

golden retriever in the arms of his owner

Keeping Them Calm in Transit

Not every pet loves long road trips. Make sure you have your fur baby’s favorite toys with you in the car. This way, they’re distracted from the journey ahead. If they’re sensitive about the environment changing, cover their carrier with their favorite blanket. Make an exception and give them all the treats they want during the ride, if it means they’ll be comfortable. If your pet is still cranky after all your efforts, don’t fret. Just keep calm and wait it out until you’re in your new home. After all, some animals, such as dogs, can identify human body language. Showing that you’re uneasy may also make them even more anxious.

Patience Pays Off

Your pets will need extra time to adjust to their new home. Start by confining them into one room. Place all the essentials: their old bed and toys. Keep their feeding routine consistent. Have them explore the space until they get used to it. Once they’re comfortable, have them look around the next room. Repeat this process until they’ve scouted the whole house. You may also need to retrain them when it comes to their potty habits by showing them the new doggie door or litter box. While this process of familiarity may take a long time, their comfort is worth the patience you put in.

Like humans, pets are often afraid of escaping their comfort zones. Though it’s easy for some people to adapt, your fur baby may take a while before they get cozy. Give these tips a try to keep them calm throughout the moving process. With a bit of patience and resourcefulness, it’s only a matter of time before they claim your new place as their home.

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