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Early days

Clapham is a vibrant and bustling district in the centre of London’s borough of Lambeth. It’s an area renowned for its rich culture and association with the arts, as well as having a close historical connection with North America. This connection spans back to around the early 1630s when many merchants moved to the area from the North American colonies. Notable figures who migrated during this time include James Sherley and John Beauchamp, who were two of the original fiancees of the Mayflower – the vestal which first carried pilgrims to the Americas. Today Clapham is a area held in high esteem for its rich and fruitful amenities, offering world-class shopping, dining and health and dental care.

Pillars of the community

One such dental practitioners which helps Clapham earn its reputation as one of the Cities top districts for cosmetic dental work is Clapham South Dental Centre, a private and NHS backed practice that offers a bespoke, tailored service that caters to the specific needs and requirements of it’s patients across a range of cosmetic and surgical procedures. The various services offered here are established first though consultations with a practitioner of the patients choosing, with whom they trust wholeheartedly – and procedures are only carried out when the patient feels they are ready. One of the procedures offered here is the installation of Lingual braces. These are different to contemporary ‘train-track’ braces in that they are fused to the inside of the patient’s mouth, meaning hey are practically invisible when worn.

Benefits of this form of orthodontic alignment are that the patient can undergo treatment without attracting any unwanted attention – which may explain their popularity with teenagers and young adults. Another similar procedure offered here is the insulation of Invisalign, which is a custom made, removable mouthguard of the patient’s teeth – made from patented SmartTrack® plastic. This plastic, when worn over a period of time, gradually aligns the patients teeth to the specifications set out though consultations beforehand. Benefits to choosing Invisalign over contemporary, fused braces is that treatment can be carried out at a patient’s leisure as the mouthguard is removable. Another discrete form of orthodontic work available here is invisible braces, which are similar to fused alloy, metal ‘train-track’ braces, only the brackets are made from clear ceramic to polycarbonate plastic. Treatment of this sort can help improve a patient’s self-esteem and confidence as they can undergo treatment whilst the process being undetectable from the outside.

Forever Young

Another service which is offered here is Botox injections. These are not an orthodontic procedure, but rather a cosmetic facial rejuvenation treatment which halts signs of ageing, such as brow-lines and wrinkles. Botox procedures are a relatively simple and painless process which generally only takes around 15 minutes to complete. The basis of the procedure consists of a trained professional injecting a botulinum toxin into specific areas of the patients face. This toxin targets the small muscles within the face that cause brow-lines and wrinkles and smooths them out by freezing the nerve impulses that cause them to move. This relaxes the facial muscles, and results in the patient’s face appearing more youthful and rejuvenated. The effects of Botox injections can last up to 3-6 months, and vastly boost the users self-esteem as it can restore the vitality of youth and leave the patient with a newfound confidence.

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