A Guide to Different Housing Options for Different Families

Different homes suit different folks, despite what others may think. Various factors can affect homeownership. First is the budget the household has for their housing. Second is the size of the household, and the last is the mortgages applicable to them.

These factors can affect your housing choices. New homeowners, in particular, have a hard time determining which house is suited for them, especially if they don’t know what their options are.

Whether you’re a novice or expert homeowner, consider reading about the different types of residential housing below. Use these ideas to guide you in deciding what kind of house suits you and your household best.

Single-Family House

Single-family homes are what you usually think of when people mention homeownership. In this type of housing, you and your family are the only residents of the property. That comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Its main selling point is the high degree of personalization the owner has. You will handle all the aspects of your home, from the interior design to the yard landscape. Privacy won’t be an issue, as you don’t need to share your property with other households.

However, managing your own house can be hard to handle, especially when it comes to its maintenance and repairs. If you’re willing to shoulder that responsibility, consider looking at house and land for sale in Grovedale.


A duplex is a large property that contains two homes. It costs a lot more compared to single-family homes. However, if you intend to live on the property, then the second home can be rented out to recoup your expenses and pay off your mortgage loans faster.

However, finding tenants isn’t as easy as you think. It can take months before an interested tenant comes, even with the most extensive marketing. More importantly, you’ll want your tenant to be someone you get along with since you’ll be living beside them for a long time.

Your maintenance work will be twice as hard compared to single-family homes. Fortunately, you can employ cleaning and repair services to reduce your workload while keeping your duplex in good condition.


Apartments are relatively small living spaces that can accommodate at most two tenants comfortably. Couples who don’t have high incomes live in this kind of housing. It’s not always a permanent residency, however, as some use this as a stepping stone for property ownership.

Living in an apartment has the advantage of relatively cheap rent and utilities. Also, maintenance will be handled by the landlord. The accommodations can be a bit lacking, though, with home modifications being limited or prohibited entirely.


Condos are similar to apartments, although instead of renting a condo, you own it. This wider range of control also means that you will handle your place’s maintenance and repairs. Fortunately, community facilities like gardens and walkways are maintained by personnel.

They can be seen as being more than an apartment but also less than large property ownership. One thing that sets it apart from other choices is that you are also provided with additional amenities. Most condos have a swimming pool, an indoor gym, or a park playground.

While considering your options, don’t forget to keep your budget options in mind. If your choice is in the higher range of your budget, you might want to reconsider. Your priority in your budget should always be your necessary monthly expenses and emergency fund.

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