Boost Test-taking Confidence with One-to-one Tutoring Services

In order to understand why one-to-one SAT Tutoring in London works to improve test scores, one has to first look at test anxiety, why it exists, and the role it plays in hindering academic performance.

According to the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), test anxiety is the result of enormous significance placed on the outcomes academic capabilities evaluations. In the case of the SAT, high test scores affect a student’s chances of being accepted at a prestigious US university.

Small amounts of stress can usefully motivate a student to focus and put in place a workable preparation study programme. It is when a student is unable to cope with the related anxieties that test stress can be a major problem. This stress can be caused by the fast approaching tests date, the limited time available to prepare, having to cover an extensive amount of academic material, and fear of failure. How prevalent is this problem? Latest available statistics report that ChildLine provided 2,795 counselling sessions to students aged 15 and 16 year old students. It was also found that girls were five times more likely to need counselling for anxiety.

How To Counter The Negative Effects Of Test Anxiety

taking the examination

High levels of confidence lead to behaviours that are necessary for academic success. For a particularly anxious student preparing for the SAT, this confidence can be cultivated and encouraged through quality private tutoring.

What do one-to-one test prep programmes offer that other types of tutoring don’t? A closer look at what a one-to-one student/tutor sessions provide is very insightful.

  • Study plans are personalised

Scoring well on the SAT requires students to have a solid understanding of all areas of academic material, as well as knowing how best to answer the test questions. While a group-based class can be of benefit, some students need that extra bit of personal attention.  They may need more time to be spent on certain areas over others, a need that is very difficult to satisfy when there are other students in a class with differing needs.

  • The focus is on improving performance

A one-to-one tutoring programme is specially designed to improve scores. This is a multi-level approach to raising test scores.  The first level focuses on the relevant academic knowledge and skills. The second level addresses the equally important mental and emotional frames of mind that contribute to success. A tutor can help to sustain motivation through encouragement and support in addition to providing direction and assisting in organising study time for effectiveness.

  • Frequent feedback builds confidence

An expert tutor’s feedback at regular intervals  about student progress is a great confidence-builder. A student is able to progress onto more complex areas of content with an assured belief in his or her skills.

While there are benefits to all types of study preparation plans, A-List Education’s one-to-one SAT tutoring offers students high quality academic support. For more information on the range of tutoring services we offer, get in touch with us today.

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