A Convincing Argument for Granite Countertops

A new decade is almost upon us, and you might be thinking about allotting a budget for a major kitchen upgrade. In case you haven’t yet spoken to a contractor,  the Internet is a bottomless source of ideas and suggestions. Most of the kitchen renovation articles you may have read say it’s time to look into decorating with natural stone. They all warn it’s a pricey option, but claim that it’s worth the expense nonetheless. Well, it’s almost 2020, and we’ll make a quick study of a granite countertop in layton that you can invest in.

Countertop maintenance

Every modern and sophisticated kitchen has a gleaming countertop. Some cooking areas are sleek and shiny with their stainless steel surfaces, while others look elegant and restrained with their sturdy concrete surfaces. Some areas for food preparation and newly installed kitchen islands may boast engineered or composite surfaces.

Homeowners make their own choices about which material suits their taste and budget. People who are raising a family or establishing their career prefer home fixtures and appointments that serve a specific function. For most, it all comes down to maintenance. Are the materials easy to maintain, or do they take too much time and additional expense? Granite is a natural stone, and contrary to what you have heard or read, it is not difficult to maintain.

An investment for a lifetime

Natural stone comes from the earth, formed deep in the crust of planet, and subjected to immense pressures and stresses. An investment in natural stone equates to owning it for a lifetime. It may be shaped or formed as required for use, but its natural characteristics are not changed or diminished. Natural stone does not age and requires little attention to maintain its innate beauty and elegance. Upon harvesting from quarries, the material undergoes little processing. It may be shaped or formed as required for use, but its natural characteristics are not changed or diminished.

A reasonable cost

There are numerous alternatives to natural stone countertops. As such, the price for the genuine article has gone down markedly. Accessibility to the material has improved with technology and with globalization. Mining it takes less time and labor, and it is not as difficult to procure as it was decades ago. While still more expensive than man-made material, a natural stone kitchen countertop has become a more reasonable expense.

Lasting appeal

You can expect engineered materials to last for about 30 years. Meanwhile, natural stone such as a granite slab has an average lifespan of 50 years. Its durability is not the only point of comparison. Man-made materials are likely to fade in time—that is their nature. In contrast, the appeal of natural stone does not diminish in time. Like other objects from the natural world, stone quarried from the crust of the earth tends to become more attractive as it ages.

Natural stone is the right choice for a kitchen upgrade. Don’t be discouraged by some of the articles you’ve read decrying the disadvantages of natural countertops. What you need to focus on is looking for ways to shave costs when installing a granite kitchen counter.

It’s time to start a new search!

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