7 Great Bathroom Makeover Ideas That Don’t Cost an Arm and a Leg

Myth: Bathroom remodeling is expensive and impractical.

While some bathroom makeovers do cost a lot, not all remodeling projects cost an arm and a leg. If you are resourceful and creative enough, you can make the project work with anywhere between AU $1400 to AU $4300 only. But how can you pull off similar inexpensive bathroom makeovers in Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia? We have listed below some ideas that you might find helpful and give you that spark of creativity.

7 Ideas for an Inexpensive Bathroom Remodeling Project

1. Use low-cost but similar materials.

Retaining and refurbishing your existing fixtures and materials is still the best way to cut down on bathroom remodeling costs. However, if there is a need to replace some pieces, go for cheaper alternatives that still give the same look and feel of the old, outdated one. For example, instead of natural stone and granite countertops, you can go for laminate or quartz countertops.

2. Paint wooden floors.

If you want to update your bathroom floors, ripping out the planks and replacing them with tiles will work. You can go the easy route and save time, energy, and money by painting them in an entirely different shade. Use protective enamel for your wooden flooring to make the paint last longer.

3. Touch up your tub.

The tub is one of the most expensive pieces, if not the most expensive, in your bathroom. Replacing an outdated tub will cost you a lot. Instead of replacing a tub, consider having it refinished instead to make it look brand spanking new. However, if the tub is still in good shape, touching it up will cost you far less than refinishing it.

4. Update cabinet hardware.

Some folks opt to buy and install an entirely new set of cabinets. That’s probably because they have enough money to burn. For the practical person who’s working on a budget, a simple replacing of cabinet hardware like handles and hinges can bring new life to a once dull bathroom.

5. Install new fixtures.

As we’re talking about details now, consider replacing the other fixtures in the room like lighting fixtures, sink faucets, and towel racks. They are a relatively small investment to make that are easy to DIY.

6. Do the interior painting yourself.

Painting a bathroom’s interior walls and cabinets is easy and fun to do. You do not need the help of a professional to get the job done if we’re talking about just one small room. All you need is a couple of days off, a bucket of paint, a roller, and a brush.

7. Install the vanity and countertop by yourself.

While installing cabinets and vanities may be more challenging than painting walls and ceilings, it can be done with the right tools and know-how. As bathrooms are small, fully-assembled vanity units are available in most home improvement centers. It shouldn’t take you more than two hours to put it in place.

Remodeling a bathroom does not always have to be a major expense. With a little resourcefulness and ingenuity, you can have the bathroom of your dreams at a fraction of what it actually costs.

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