3 Simple Home Improvements That Can Change Your Life

When people think of home improvement, they often go to more glamorous ideas like an entire team of interior designers completely rehauling a living room from floorboard to crown moldings. However, it’s actually the more subtle changes we can make to our home that can result in a big and lasting difference that we can feel.

Mind the Pipes

Water is a core component of our everyday lives, and yet it doesn’t often come up in talks of home improvement beyond talking about toilets and hosing the garden. But regular maintenance of your water utilities can really remove a lot of trouble in the long run.

Getting a professional to check your pipes even semi-regularly can help you to maintain your energy and water consumption. A water quality report from Utah even notes that water heaters take a lot of sediment which can build up and make it harder for your water to get to the right temperature without damaging the scaling of your pipes.

This happens to many homeowners without their knowledge so something as simple yet vital like a water heater repair job in your Orem home can really make a difference.

Watch What You ‘Ware’

cookware, pans and pots

Cookware and tableware may seem like an afterthought unless you’re in the culinary industry or you’re a real foodie because we often just get sets that do the job. However, the tools that we use to create what nourishes us and what we serve it on can make a difference in how we eat.

For instance, many people choose aluminum or ceramic, but those have turned out to be less safe than stainless steel and cast iron because of the tendency for the former’s coatings to wear off or even take in more chemicals.

Certain pots and pans even have effects on the acidity of food, not only changing its taste but how it affects our body. Picking a set that results in a healthier meal is great, and finding one with the perfect look to match your aesthetic can be a great conversation or a focal point for your kitchen.

On top of that, gastrophysicists have learned that plating matters even beyond cooking shows and fine dining restaurants. They found that the better the food looks, the better its taste registers in our brains.

Have a Lightbulb Moment

Add a light fixture in your home in selective areas or even change the lightbulbs you have depending on which room you’re in. A lot of people don’t always take into account just how big the impact of lighting has on our moods and psychology.

But the right lighting can help us be either happier and more productive or relaxed and ready for a good night’s rest. Have a brighter light in your gym room to boost your energy and softer light in your dining room so you can feel more inclined to eat slower and to be able to relish those flavors better.

Each room of a home has a different function, and you may relate different feelings and moods to them, so make sure the lighting matches.

With just these simple tweaks, your house can feel more like a home because you have made it more suited to all your needs while being able to maintain it with ease — no need to break walls to improve how you live.

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