Wonky Floors are Ugly Floors: Why Repairing Floors is Important

We want everything to be perfect in our homes because it is our solace, our sanctuary. Though there are things that can get out of our hands that affect the structure and design of a house. Solutions can be made for problems in the home; we just need to know how or why these problems happened in the first place.

House problems

Uneven doors, out of scale countertops, and unleveled floors? These are all a homeowner’s nightmare aside from other structural blunders that they may encounter. Unleveled floors are the most worrying of them all.

Floors span the entirety of the house footprint, and it is important that it should be leveled, or else everything will be wonky and out of balance.

Causes and effect

Garage floors, for example, should be leveled correctly or have the right slope. Garage doors won’t seal off properly if it is not leveled. Without a proper seal, it can cause temperature control problems for the house. Causing additional cost for HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) maintenance.

Garage floor repair services in Utah are available. Utah has experienced may earthquakes of different intensities. There is an abundance of faults and fault zones in Utah, with Wasatch being the most active. Having a geologically active location, it is natural to experience shifts in soil levels, which affects the flooring in our houses.

The best way that we can manage this is through floor repair services. But we have to be aware that there are repairs that end up botched, causing more problems in the future. Poor structural foundation can also be a contributor to an unleveled floor.

A geologically active location is to be considered when building houses. It might’ve been a builder’s blunder when they didn’t calculate the foundation right. Repairs can correct these and have the floors leveled.

Weather and time can also cause floors to shift. Soil and the concrete can freeze if it retains too much moisture in winter. Untreated floors without proper sealants and additives usually have this problem. Over time, the cycle of freezing and thawing throughout seasons can crack the concrete, making floors uneven.

Telltale signs

cracked concrete

If you’re starting to notice small cracks that look like long thin splits that spread in time, it may be needed to be inspected by a professional; this may cause floors to shift in levels in the future. Peeling, pitting, and strange chalky stains are also signs that there might be damage in the concrete or flooring.

Flooding is also a sign that the garage floor has been compromised. The low dips in the level of the floor mean that it is sagging, it is caused by improper finishing during application.

Diagnosing for help

A garage floor can have excessive damage and deep structural issues that require professional help. If there are cracks that have split with uneven height, this is a concern that needs to be fixed right away. This can cause accidents by tripping and may have a toll on your car tire.

If the garage floor is always wet and has puddles for no reason, then get help immediately.

Keeping floors even in our garage and other parts of the home is important as it avoids accidents and irreparable damage in the future. A leveled smooth floor is nice to look at, and it makes the space more effective for its use.

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