When Your Child Is a Picky Eater

As a parent, you'd want your child to eat only what's healthy. However, one struggle is when they are a picky eater. Nothing can frustrate parents more than their little ones refusing to eat what they put on the table. Are you having difficulty feeding your little one? Then know you're not alone.

Due to the stress that comes with feeding picky eaters, it can take a toll not only on the primary caregivers but the whole family as well. Think you have tried everything and are running out of options? Know that there is still a way to help you handle your picky eater. Here's what you can do to change their eating habits for the better.

Talk to their doctor

The first thing that you need to do is to take your child to a pediatric doctor in Spanish Fork. By talking to a pediatrician, you can get the best professional support for your dilemma. They can help you check not only the current health condition of your child. They can also provide you with vital information on how you can give your child the necessary nutrients they need.

Include your child in making the decisions

Even as little as your child is, they will show their personality and would know what they want early on. To help spark their interest in food, include them when shopping, preparing, and cooking food. Simple steps like these will make you learn more about your child and how you can make them eat better.

Know the reason for their feeding problems

By knowing the reason for their picky eating, you can determine the best course of action to solve the problem. Your child's pediatric doctor can help you with this. For instance, if your child has a fear of eating solid food, you can start by offering liquids first and gradually progress into purees before solids. Their doctor may recommend a supplement to help fill in nutritional gaps caused by the picky eating behavior.

Avoid giving out bribes

Grandmother teaching young boy to cook meat

Some parents resort to bribing just to make their picky eaters taste new food. This actually does more harm than good. When you bribe them, children will only want to eat food that they don't like in exchange for something they want. What will happen if you can no longer provide a bribe? They will go back to their eating habits.

Make eating more fun for your child

If you are familiar with bento boxes, they are a creative way of serving meals to make eating more exciting. Even adults will find food irresistible if you serve meals in a fun and creative way. Offer a variety of food, flavor, and texture, and arrange the meals in an eye-catching way. You'd be surprised at how even the pickiest eaters will be tempted to start treating each mealtime as an adventure.

Picky eating can lead to severe consequences. It can impair your child's growth and cause mealtime anxiety. It can even lead to emotional consequences among family members. The longer it takes for you to handle your picky eater, the harder it will be to correct the issue. Know the reason behind the feeding problems. Seek help from a pediatrician and learn about your options. Be patient, don't force them, and take little steps at a time.

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