When to Clean Your AC

Air conditioning maintenance isn’t really something that many owners think about. Unfortunately, leaving your AC unit dirty could very well be its downfall. Many operational and technical problems can be caused by dirt build-up.


More than a broken AC, the dirt in its filters and air ducts can also cause several health problems.


If it's already causing you problems, it’s time to do something about it. Here are signs that you need to get your unit cleaned.


When to Clean Your AC


You have your part in cleaning your AC. The most important part is to clean its filter now and then. This part filters dirt and debris and guarantees your AC is processing clean air.


As much as possible, have your AC filter cleaned out regularly. Most of the time, you can see if the filter is filled with dust bunnies and debris. If that's the case, it’s time to have it cleaned.


When you use your unit every day, it’s best to clean the filter every week. You might also want to change it once a year.


But besides cleaning your AC’s filter, you also need to ensure the entire unit is free from dirt. While you can still DIY that, it’s best to have it cleaned by a professional. There are local companies that can help you with that.


They can guarantee every part is clean, even the air ducts. If you need professional air duct cleaning in Boise, it’s best to work with a company you know you can rely on.


Deep cleaning is part of their maintenance, which is usually done twice a year.


Signs Your AC Needs Cleaning

Here are the top three signs that will tell you your air conditioning unit needs a thorough cleaning:


  1. Your electricity bill is higher. AC units typically consume more energy when it’s dirty or broken. If you see your bill is higher than usual, have your AC checked and cleaned.

  2. It blows off dust when turned on. This can happen even if you regularly have the filter cleaned. That is because dirt can also accumulate in every nook and cranny of your AC.

  3. If there is decreased airflow, that means dirt has already accumulated in the ducts.


Why It’s Best to Have Clean AC


Owners tend to forget cleaning their AC units. After all, if something is still working and doing its job, then it must be fine. Right? not exactly. When it comes to air conditoning, you're going to need more than the bare minimum.

A cleaner AC is more efficient. If it’s more efficient, it doesn’t have to use as much energy just to keep the surroundings cool. That means you don’t have to worry about a bigger utility bill each month.

Additionally, a clean AC is one way to keep your family healthy. The dust and dirt that your unit accumulates can contaminate the quality of the air it blows.


These dust particles can be easily inhaled and cause several respiratory issues. It’s also easy to develop skin problems from the dirt.


If you don't feel confident in your ability to clean your AC, let a professional do it. Although it will cost you, better safe than sorry.

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