Wedding Ring Purchase: Things to Consider

You have already purchased the perfect engagement rings, and now it is time to buy the perfect wedding rings to match the engagement rings. There are specific principles that people should apply when buying jewelry. However, wedding rings are special and therefore may not conform to the same principles. For example, the band you choose for your wedding rings should be durable for many years.

Early shopping

Once you have figured out the type of ring that you want, do not hesitate to purchase a pair early. A majority of jewelry shops in Utah deal in wedding rings whose designs may be generic or customized to a client’s needs. Consider kick-starting the shopping process as early as three months to the wedding to allow for ample time to compare different prices and rings before later revisiting the rings that caught your eye. If you have set your eyes on a pair of custom rings, shopping early is essential, especially if you want the rings to be ready before the wedding. You also need to consider other factors such as engraving, which may take up to a month.


Wedding ring sample boxIt is uncommon for people to take off their wedding rings. Most couples wear them throughout, regardless of the season, including pregnancy. During winter and summer, fingers swell and contract depending on the changes in temperature. When planning to purchase wedding rings, you need to consider all those changes. To get the right sizes, schedule a ring fitting session when you are calm and your body temperature is normal. That means that when going to purchase a ring, it will be the right size.

Band Metal and Setting

The type of band metal you choose for the wedding rings affects their overall look. Gold and platinum are the most popular band metals used in rings. Gold is considered to be very expensive, and so are diamonds. However, if you decide to buy a platinum metal band, your rings will be more durable. Choosing the right metal band for your wedding rings depends on your budget and taste.

The main use of settings in wedding rings is to showcase their beauty and protect them from physical damage. There are three main types of settings which include the prong, bezel, and halo settings. In the case of the prong setting, the diamond is attached in a way to secure the stones. The prong setting has various sub-settings, with the most common being cathedral setting. The bezel setting usually protects the center stone and ensures that it is in place. Lastly, the halo setting is utilized for the purpose of making the wedding ring sparkle. It is often accompanied by a big center stone. Your budget and taste will also determine the type of metal setting you choose for your wedding ring.

Wedding rings have different designs, cuts, and settings, which are essential factors to consider when purchasing a pair. It is imperative to learn about different ring designs before embarking on a shopping spree.

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