Ways to Clean Your Water During the Pandemic

Home maintenance doesn’t just entail vacuuming your house or cleaning after yourself. You also need to take into account the cleanliness of your drinking water. People directly consume it, so the effects of dirty water can land you in a hospital. That’s definitely the last thing you want during a pandemic.

Although there is nothing conclusive yet, there are reports that the virus can spread through water. This is why it is important to clean and filter your water before drinking and showering. Here are some essential water filtration items you can get for your home.

UV Filters

One of the latest technologies in home maintenance are UV filters. This is often used in drinking water. Ultraviolet rays are used to kill bacteria and microorganisms. The wavelengths released by these rays are what break down the bacteria to make water clean. However, the rays only work in straight lines, so any barriers or shadows that get in the way of it can obstruct its efficiency.

There are similar technologies used in air purifiers as well. In fact, many large commercial areas are using these UV rays to disinfect places like escalators. The main benefit is the fact that it hardly changes the taste of the water. Its cleaning system is also non-invasive, and hardly any side effects can occur.

However, experts note that UV water filters are designed for additional protection, not as the sole filtration system. It’s not made to clean contaminated or dirty water. If you’re going to use one of them, make sure that the water is cleaned beforehand.

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Pool Filters

Both the physical and chemical composition of swimming pools need to be cleaned. Besides getting rid of the grime and adding chlorine, you also need to balance its pH levels. Otherwise, you can end up with rashes and irritated skin when you swim. That’s why people invest in pH controlling filters.

Many recommend getting CO2 pH systems because it is more natural and doesn’t use chemicals. It reduces corrosion in materials and is more affordable as well. This works well for those with sensitive skin because they would have fewer chances of getting a negative reaction. More than just cleaning your pool, these systems also prevent damage to your heater and pumps.

One thing to remember in the current situation is to avoid public pools. It may be inconvenient now, but you need to make a bit more effort to clean your own pool if you have it.

Reverse Osmosis

If you’re looking to remove contaminants from your water systems, reverse osmosis (RO) is what you’re after. The World Health Organization found that 890 million people don’t have access to clean water. More than just bacteria, RO can also remove chemicals such as chloride, copper, lead, sulfur, phosphate, and many more.

Drinking contaminated water has serious consequences. Instead of hydrating you, it can have the opposite effect and make you even more dehydrated. In most cases, this also results in diseases and poisoning in the body.

The way reverse osmosis works is that it adds pressure to dissolve components that have lower solutions. The result is clearer and odor-free water. Though, it may result in some changes to the water pressure, so be warned. It’s a great way to clean your water and improve your health.

With any filtration system, you have to remember that it also needs to be maintained. Depending on the device you will get, you will need to replace filters and parts every few months or years. Keeping up with your health is an important part of being safe during a pandemic.

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