Vacuum Cleaner Guide: Maximizing the Use and Benefits

Vacuum cleaners are such a smart invention. Furniture, carpet, floors, car interiors, and more can be tidied up with just a few sweeps of your trusty vacuum cleaner. But have you really been using it right?

If you bought yours from a high-end brand, then abusing that machine could have a pricey consequence. While you absolutely have to get the most out of your vacuum cleaner, you may end up shortening its useful life if you use it the wrong way or don’t ever clean it. In Salt Lake City, vacuum cleaner repair services are available for your Dyson model and other brands.


Every vacuum cleaner comes with a number of attachments. If you tend to use only one or two and then leave the rest lying useless in the box, then it’s time to take them out and let them serve their purpose.

  1. Extension wand – This attachment is designed to help you clean those hard-to-reach areas such as ceilings, narrow corners, cramped spaces in-between or behind furniture, and the like.
  2. Dusting brush – You can use this to clean furniture and other household items, but this attachment is meant for delicate cleaning only. If you need to do some heavy cleaning, use another.
  3. Crevice – Like an extension wand, the crevice tool is also used for hard-to-reach areas, but this one is mainly for tight corners.
  4. Upholstery – As its name suggests, this attachment is for upholstered furniture. It’s wide with a small, flat head, with many models having a fabric strip that helps remove dust on furniture.
  5. Turbo brush- This attachment has rotating bristles and its own motor. If you need to do some deep, heavy cleaning—this is the right attachment.

The Wonders of Vacuum Cleaners

cleaning mattress with handheld vacuum

A vacuum cleaner can do more than sucking dust and dirt. If you own a pet who sheds a lot, your vacuum cleaner can suck those hair sticking on your furniture and floor. By vacuum cleaning pet hair regularly, 96% of fleas and dust mites can be eliminated. You can also get rid of spider webs and capture mosquitoes by using the crevice attachment.

You can also deodorize your upholstery, pillows, and carpets by using your vacuum cleaner and baking soda. After letting the baking soda sit for an hour, use your vacuum cleaner to remove it and discover the amazing results.

The crevice tool can also be used to remove lint from your dryer. If you make this a habit, you can prevent a house fire. Lost a small item? By applying a mesh to the crevice attachment, you can recover those little items easily.

Cleaning Your Vacuum Cleaner

If you own a model with a bag, replace the bag when it’s already full or when the indicator lights tell you to do so. For a bagless machine, simply empty the canister after every use. If your vacuum starts to emit a foul smell, clean the canister with soapy water and let it air dry completely before using the machine again.

Vacuum cleaners have washable filters. Wash dirty filters with lukewarm water and let them air dry for 24 hours before attaching them back to the machine. For non-washable filters, simply tap them against a surface to clean them.

Don’t neglect the exteriors of your vacuum cleaner as well. Wipe them using warm, soapy water or an anti-bacterial wipe to maintain its gleam. If your machine starts showing signs of damage, contact a professional to repair it or replace it with a better model.

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