The Risks of Wearing Dental Braces: What’s the Reality?

For those who are suffering from crooked or misaligned teeth, having dental braces and retainers is one of the best treatments. These are wired-based dental appliances that orthodontists use to improve a person’s misaligned or crowded teeth. Most people often get dental braces once they step into their early teenage years. But adults can still benefit from wearing these fantastic dental appliances.

The purpose of dental braces is to help the teeth grow to its proper alignment. It also helps the jaw have an even bite and allow you to smile well. For people who only need minor improvements, they can opt to use invisible braces or often known as clear aligners.

WebMD says that your orthodontist or private dentist in London will ask several questions about your health before recommending these treatments. They’ll also perform a clinical exam to check the condition of your oral health. They’ll even take impressions and photos of your teeth. Lastly, they’ll order a few X-rays of your head and your mouth. Once they have all the data, they’ll use it to determine which treatment will fit you best.

The risks of wearing braces

Dental braces are relatively very safe. But like everything else, it also comes with a few risks. Since braces have tiny spaces between and around your teeth, The Mayo Clinic says that there’s a considerable chance that food particles can get trapped inside. Once that happens, it can cause bacteria to thrive and grow. If left untreated, food particles and plaque can lead to tooth decay or even gum disease.

If you experience a tooth that is losing its stability or even moves a little, a portion of the patient’s bone in the path of the moving tooth disintegrates. When this occurs, there’s a chance that the patient’s teeth will become less stable. It can cause more problems in the future.

Neglecting to follow your orthodontist’s advice can also cause significant problems. If you carelessly wear your retainer, there’s a considerable chance that you’ll lose the correction that you gained throughout the procedure.

Reducing the risks

dentist putting braces on a girlThere are ways to help overcome the risks of wearing braces. You should cut back on sugar and other starchy foods. You should also avoid sweet beverages to prevent any plaque from forming.

Also, regularly practice the right dental hygiene. It’s a must to brush your teeth after every meal, but you need to do it after 20 minutes. Use a fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush to clean your teeth thoroughly. Also, if you won’t be able to brush your teeth after your meal, then you need to rinse your mouth with water. You can use a fluoride rinse to clean all the spaces between your teeth.

Also, avoid eating sticky or crunchy food. Eating sticky food can pull off the bands and wires of your braces. Gnawing on crunchy food can break parts of your dental braces.

If you’re thinking of having braces, it’s best to ask your dentist about it. There are other ways to help straighten your teeth. It’s best to ask the advice of experts to achieve optimum effects.

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