The Right Way to Deal with a Loved One Having Cancer

Cancer chooses no victims based on wealth, status or age. It’s humankind’s most feared word and is the leading cause of death for children. In the US, cancer is the second leading cause of death and is responsible for nearly one in four deaths.

Cancer doesn’t care if you’re living a healthy lifestyle or are vigilant with your health. It is a condition that ignores scientific advancements and modern medicine. Treatment for cancer is also not easy to deal with, as they are perceived as painful and invasive.

Thankfully, stem cell doctors here in East Stroudsburg, PA provide helpful alternatives that are natural and effective.

One of the worst parts of dealing with cancers is seeing how it affects your loved ones and those around them. Children, for example, who take care of themselves and don’t abuse their bodies can be victims of cancer. Having cancer is not a joke, and so is coming to grips with someone you love having it.

Talking To a Cancer Patient

It’s hard to talk to someone suffering from illness because it opens doors to our personal fears and insecurities. It becomes even harder if it’s someone you know well or is close to you. Instead of avoiding contact, you should let them know that you’ll always be there for them and care about how they feel.

People diagnosed with cancer need support more than ever, especially to those close to them.

It’s helpful to be encouraging, but don’t try discounting their fears and feelings. Avoid being overly optimistic and saying you know how they feel, as you never know what they really feel.

Make sure not to comment negatively on their appearances and avoid talking about others suffering cancer as well. These comments can discourage someone and aren’t helpful at all.

cancer patient smiling on the couch

How to Handle the Situation

Feeling angry, sorry, and sad are natural responses when you find out about cancer. It may take time for it to sink in, and people have different ways of coping with these feelings. Instead of feeling bad for too long, show your usefulness and willingness to help out.

Also, be open about your feelings and admit that you’re afraid. Talking about your feelings is more helpful than you think. The frightening nature of cancer won’t always disappear for some people. If you still experience negative emotions, don’t be afraid to seek support yourself.

Counseling, friends, and other support groups can help you overcome your fears.

Last-Minute Reminders

Handling someone you know having cancer is a delicate experience. Follow these pointers and keep them in mind before making your next move.

  • Respecting their wishes. Cancer shouldn’t mean that you treat someone differently. Continue to love and care for them as you would on a normal day. Include him or her in your activities to give them other things to think about besides their condition. Be considerate if they tell you it’s tiring or too much.
  • Expect the Unexpected. Everyone has good and bad days; this rings true for cancer patients. Don’t always expect them to react accordingly to your requests and be careful with what you say. Sometimes, listening to what they have to say is more important than thinking of your response.

Cancer is one of life’s hardest and most difficult obstacles to deal with. It is important to know that people who have it may never be the same, and that may affect you too. Don’t forget to seek help for yourself and let the person you love know that you’ll always be there for them.

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