The Dangers of Broken Asphalt Roads

A smooth and perfectly even terrain makes driving such a pleasant experience. Seamlessly-laid asphalt makes the roads more travel- and business-friendly. With high-grade asphalt, roads will be safer for driving. Special types of asphalts can reduce splash and sprays during rainstorms, and they minimize the risks of road accidents, some of which can be fatal.

To make asphalts more durable and resistant to destructive elements, the high-quality coating must be applied. In Salt Lake City and other areas, professional asphalt sealing services are available.

Without the layer of protective asphalt on our pavements, we could be at risk of accidents and property damage, especially our vehicles. Learn the safety hazards that a damaged asphalt may bring.

Dangers of Cracked Surfaces

A high-traffic area like a parking lot with cracks on its asphalt pavement can pose safety hazards to pedestrians. If your business premises have this kind of uneven surface, you should have it repaired immediately because if one of your customers gets injured from it, you could end up facing costly charges.

Vehicles are at risk of colliding with one another when the asphalt road is terribly cracked and worn-out. Drivers and passengers, of course, would sustain injuries from such an accident. When it happens within your business premises, you’d also be charged with costly damages.

Dangers of Potholes


Potholes are also common forms of pavement damage. They look like crevices that hold water from rain and/or snow. They make for bumpy rides, which are bothersome because it slows us down. If we aren’t very careful, we can be at risk of accidents and vehicle damage as well.

Tire blowout and wheel damage may happen when you plunge into a deep pothole. There could be sharp edges that may puncture your tires, which can lead to a sudden release of air and then a blowout. In a worst-case scenario, you may end up losing control of your vehicle and run onto the opposing lane.

When you hit a pothole forcibly, your vehicle’s steering system could get misaligned. The damage may impact the engine, potentially causing control problems and increasing accident risks.

Deep potholes may also inflict harm to the exhaust system. When the exhaust fails, the engine would be affected as well, and this may put the driver and the passengers at risk of Carbon Monoxide inhalation.

Preventive Measures

We can’t always point fingers and see it as a solution to stop road accidents. Business owners may be at fault, but as responsible road users, we must also be prepared when hazards are present.

Proper tire inflation is a defense against damaged asphalt roads. Low tire pressure can wound the sidewalls and cause dents on the wheel. When trying to avoid a pothole or massive cracks, be sure to check your surroundings using your side and rearview mirrors. Careless evasive maneuvering may put you, your passengers, and other road users at risk of a horrible accident.

It is still our responsibility to be cautious when using the road. Always be aware of your surroundings, watch your steps, and exercise defensive driving. To influence other people to make road safety a priority, you can spread the word about reputable asphalt services that help maintain the quality and durability of our roads, until it reaches those accountable.

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