The 5 Types of Wrinkles You are Likely to Develop

Only a few signs are as reliable as wrinkles in indicating how old a person may be. As people age, the depth and number of wrinkles increase alongside other factors like skin laxity and thinning. Most of the changes you see in older skin are as a result of exposure to UV light. Generally, wrinkles will be categorized as either deep furrows or fine surface lines.

Anybody who knows what cosmetic nuisance wrinkles are can benefit from Korean COSRX skincare. Some of their products are made to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, meaning that it will be useful for reducing the following:

Dynamic wrinkles

These wrinkles are not static and they form temporarily when you make a particular facial expression. Static wrinkles, on the other hand, remain even after your muscles relax.

Dynamic wrinkles can become static in a given time. Exposure to excess sunlight coupled with poor eating and lifestyle choices can speed up the process through which they become permanent. Many people opt for skincare products with peptides to deal with this issue. There are also injectable treatments that can make the face muscles relax, giving you a youthful appearance.

Elastic wrinkles

These could form if you do not use sunscreen, and their appearance is even worse for smokers. They are creases often found on the cheek and neck, which result from prolonged exposure to sunlight, cigarette smoking, and air pollution. To improve how the face looks after developing these wrinkles, you may consider skincare products with antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress.

Compression creases

Sleeping on the side or your stomach may cause you to get sleep wrinkles. They form when you squish your face on a surface for too long. The wrinkles may fade as the day goes by, but they could become permanent with time. Changing how you sleep is always a good idea to keep looking youthful.

Middle-aged woman applying anti-aging creamWhen compression wrinkles become permanent, they may be treated using injectable fillers or skincare products with hyaluronic acid. The acid helps soften the creases.

Gravitational wrinkles

As a result of aging, the elastin and collagen levels in the skin reduce. Consequently, your skin starts to sag. While it is impossible to stop the aging process, you can use topical products to deal with gravitational wrinkles. These products will work by nourishing the amounts of collagen in the skin. Severe cases are treated using injectable products that are delivered directly into the skin.

Atrophic wrinkles

These wrinkles often require complicated delivery systems to treat with skincare products. They are inherently deep and furrowed, running parallel between one’s eyes. Often atrophic wrinkles are called 11 lines. They result from the breakdown of elastin and collagen and are worsened by exposure to UV rays.

Some factors that contribute to wrinkling are beyond your control, including your genetics, and the pigmentation of your skin. However, things like exposure to sunlight or other lifestyle choices have a way around. To age gracefully, make responsible choices. That way, you will only need to use skincare products sparingly.


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