How to Teach Sustainable Living to Your Children

Your house is your haven and your children must feel the same about it. Whatever you practice inside your house can greatly influence your children’s way of living. If you chose to be extravagant with your interiors, pretty much your children would look at it as their design preference. If you’re into minimalist designs, your children may find it fitting for the house.

It’s good if you can influence your children with your home preferences. You can use that influence to set an example for sustainable living. With the excess consumption of the Earth’s resources, it’s only appropriate to get your kids involved in a sustainable lifestyle. They should be able to know the importance of conserving resources through sustainable living.

If you’re decided to promote sustainable living to your children, act now. Here are some tips that you may apply to effectively do this.

Integrate technology

Your children might be used to utilizing technology. Most kids nowadays have their eyes glued to their phones. Computers have been their source of information. Some are even into tech because it helps them make their tasks easier. This is the part where you can take advantage of technological advancements. You can promote sustainable living to your children by integrating technology into your daily lives.

Start with using smart home apps. Buy appliances that can be controlled by your preferred smart home apps. One implementation of this is by using smart light bulbs. These types of light bulbs are energy-efficient. But on a less-technical note, it would be easier for your kids to operate the lighting. That’s because they can easily ask your smart home assistant to do it for them. Now that’s a clever way to promote sustainable energy consumption through the use of technology.

Buy stylish and eco-friendly furniture

Patronizing businesses that are environmentally conscious is a good way to purchase house items. It would be nice if you can show your kids how beautiful eco-friendly pieces of furniture are. Say you have to get your child a table and a chair for their room. You can first look at some trending designs on the internet.

Choose one that looks the best for your child’s room interior. You didn’t spend time discussing house interiors with your trusted realtor when you bought the house just for you to put¬†furniture that doesn’t fit the room’s design. You can then look for a similar chair and table set in eco-friendly furniture shops. This way, your child would see how eco-friendly pieces of furniture perfectly suit their room. Your kid can develop a new appreciation for environmental-friendly furniture.

Conserve energy

Conserving energy can be mostly an adult’s job in the house. But you need to make that your children are responsible for it too. Teach your children about the importance of conserving energy. Let them know why they have to turn off the appliances they don’t use. Give them energy-saving tips such as setting a timer on the TV, reducing instances of charging their phones, and many more. Tell them the consequences of overconsumption. Your children should have a better understanding of your electric bill. This can teach them to be more aware of consuming power and its impact on your expenses. Most importantly, its impact on the world.

Introduce food gardening

food gardening

Food gardening can be one of the best ways to teach your children about sustainable living. Its hands-on nature can give you time to bond with kids. But the best thing about this is the moment you’re able to harvest what you’ve worked hard for. You can turn your garden into a child-safe space. Remove anything in your garden that may harm your kids so you can welcome them without worrying. You can then teach them the basics of gardening.

Make it fun and creative. Show them how the vegetables and fruits would look like. Your kids would surely love the experiment. But they will love it more when the time comes you can already harvest and eat the fruits of your labor.

Reward for recycling

It’s never too late to teach your kids about the importance of recycling. The easiest way to get them into this is by rewarding them. You can start with plastic bottles since it’s the one people mostly use daily. With our soaring problems with plastic pollution, it’s only appropriate to make children aware of the situation. So what you can do is give your children rewards for recycling. For example, make a weekly contest for the best-recycled item your kids can produce. Or give prizes to the one who has brought the most plastic bottles to your local recycling center.

Help your kids reach their goals while you all help the planet reduce plastic waste. These are just a few examples of rewarding your children for recycling. You can be creative with whatever rewards system you want to implement. Just make sure you’re able to deliver your message to your children.

Start them young and influence your children to have a sustainable lifestyle. It’s for their own sake since it’s their generation who’s going to live in the next decades. So, begin at home and make your children appreciate sustainable living.

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