Suburban Living: Why More People are Moving to the Suburbs

It’s exciting to live in the city, but living in the suburbs has some perks too. The spaces are more extensive, there is less pollution, and there is more peace and quiet. Popular suburbs, like Hawthorn, Kensington and Manor Lakes are an attractive place for many families, and often cite the following reasons to try suburban living.

Closer to Nature

Finding a house for sale in the suburbs can be a dream come true for many city dwellers. They can live in an area less than an hour away from the city, but they’re also quite close to nature.

The suburbs offer families the chance to spend more time near wooded areas, parks, or even beaches. Many of these suburban communities, like St Kilda and Elwood, are near the best beaches in Australia. Your family could enjoy a day at the beach or play outdoor sports such as surfing and swimming.

If your family loves hikes and short bushwalks, suburbs like Kew, Eltham and Albert Park are the best places to enjoy walks by the lake, nature hikes, and camping trips.

Wider, Cheaper, and Calmer

The suburbs offer families bigger properties where they could enjoy a bit of gardening.  The properties are often large enough for swimming pools, granny flats and outdoor playsets. If you prefer spending a day outdoors near your home, a house in the suburbs could also be your best bet.

People in the suburbs have more time to interact with their neighbours through fairs and other events. There are commercial establishments in the suburbs too, but they could be at a lower price compared to city rates. There might be more options too, and you could stock up on groceries for the whole week.

The suburbs are also far from the busy sights and sounds of the city, so there’s more time to stop and gaze at the stars. Life could be lived at a calmer pace, and you don’t need to chase after so many things. If you miss the excitement, you can visit the city at any time because it’s not that far.

Are All Suburbs Made Equal?

A street of family houses in suburban area of Vancouver

Though most suburbs offer the same things, not all suburbs are made equal. Some are more prestigious than others and are built near private and public schools, grand parks, and golf courses.  These suburban communities can be expensive, and some could reach property rates in the millions.

Some suburbs have more nature areas and facilities that attract nature lovers. These areas, like Olinda, have more art galleries, restaurants, and even antique shops. Property rates here are very affordable, and often attract young professionals and young couples.

Living in the suburbs can be a blessing for those who are after a peaceful life in the presence of nature. You could have a larger space for you and your family, and won’t be too far from the city and nature. There is a range of prices for the buyer, whether you want to live in a more affluent area or a small cottage, there is a place for you in the suburbs.

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