Should You Convert Your Garage? Incredible Garage Transformation Ideas

A garage might only be designed to keep vehicles safe, but that wide and dark space can actually do so much more if given the chance. Some people even transform their garage into a fully-functional living space, which shows that your own garage can be the subject of your limitless creativity and resourcefulness.

If you’ve been wondering whether a total garage makeover is right for you, let this guide help you find out. If your garage doors, for example, are particularly begging to be replaced, you can find new high-quality garage doors around Perth and other cities. As for that huge chunk of space inside your garage, let’s see what it’s capable of.

Things to Consider Before a Garage Makeover

One of the most affordable ways to extend your home’s space is by converting your garage. You no longer need to set a budget for construction because all it needs are new furnishing, flooring, and fixtures. But before deciding if you should give your garage a full transformation, consider the following:

Garage door – Decide if you’d keep your existing garage door or tear it down to replace it with a normal front door. When you choose the latter, you’d need to fill in the resulting space, which adds to your costs.

Flooring – Typical garages have concrete slab floors. Decide if you want to completely reconstruct its flooring or if you’d rather do necessary adjustments only to make it leveled and to keep water out of the garage.

Heating and Cooling – If you can’t extend the heating and cooling system inside your house to the garage, you’d need to purchase an independent system. You also need to install insulation all around to regulate temperature.

Electricity and Plumbing – A converted garage would need additional lighting fixtures and a drainage system, both of which add to your costs.

Parking and Storage – Your vehicle and other items stored inside your garage would need to find a new space, so if you have another one suitable, then converting your garage is the right decision.

Garage Transformation Ideas

Double white painted garage doors exterior in flat roof house

You can turn your garage into an additional sitting room. To make it more appealing, consider designing it with a theme in mind: contemporary, vintage, mid-century, etc. The key is to make your personality and creativity shine through.

If you have kids, your garage can be their new playroom. The large space also allows for study desks and shelving units, so it can be a playroom and library in one.

Freelancers and other self-employed folks would benefit from a garage-turned-functional studio. You can have your new space complete with a kitchen and bathroom so it would work as a comfortable home office.

If not a home office, a garage-turned-studio can just be an additional cozy living space where you can make guests sleep over. You can enjoy more privacy, and with a kitchen and a bath, the rest of your home will stay undisturbed.

You can also transform your garage into a fun family room. Apart from a flat-screen TV, you can also put shelving units inside to store all your books and some decor. And of course, invest in extra soft and comfortable sofas, and throw in rugs and cushions to the floor to maximize comfort and relaxation.

Another brilliant idea for a garage conversion is turning it into a new bedroom. Consider building a skylight in the ceiling to compensate for the lack of windows, and it will be a bright and uniquely designed bedroom.

After careful consideration and budgeting, your garage transformation dreams will turn into reality. Keep in mind that you don’t have to tear down everything in your garage; practise your resourcefulness and enjoy the benefit of reducing the costs of your conversion project.

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