Requesting an emergency dental appointment

When an injury occurs to the teeth, mouth or gums a visit to the dental practice may not be the first thought that comes to mind. It may be that the thoughts sway towards the cause of the damage and how to resolve that, it may be a trip to the doctor first pops into mind or it may be that you believe you can deal with the damage yourself without the extra fuss and impact to your finances.

No matter the train of thought that occurs, it is important to override the brain and contact your Dentist Richmond promptly to assist with the problem. All dental teams have not only had expert training in dealing with a variety of causes of damage, both natural and accidental, but the experience behind the team can also ensure that your care is in the safest hands. If you have not joined a dental practice but are in need of assistance, contact NHS 111 who will be able to guide you in the right direction to receiving the care that is needed.

The appointment

Vivid imaginations can run wild when attempting to consider what is expected when attending an emergency appointment. An insight into what to expect can therefore help patients visualise the process should the need to attend an emergency appointment.

To begin with a thorough examination of the area that has suffered an injury will be carried out by the dental team. This includes a physical examination and potentially scans and x-rays to assess the extent of the damage. For those who are suffering moderate to severe discomfort, a local anaesthetic is usually applied to the area so as to numb it and the area will be thoroughly cleaned and sterilised so as to drastically reduce the possibility of infection.

The restoration is to follow. For the cases that do not require a complete overhaul to the tooth, a variety of options including porcelain veneers or composite bonding can be considered to help conceal the more cosmetic effects of the damage. However, for the more severe damages, a tooth extraction and replacement may be required. In these circumstances, your dental team would discuss the options open to you so as to ensure you are fully informed of what to expect next.

Diving straight into action and contacting your dental practice, once an injury has occurred is vitally important. Through the fast response following on from a dental emergency, the patient and the dental team will be able to ensure that the oral health is protected and the infection levels are kept at a minimum.

Complete tooth replacement


Should the damage to a tooth be severe enough to warrant the removal of the tooth, or should the tooth already be lost, a restorative method such as a dental implant may be presented to you. These minute, titanium screws are implanted into the jawbone creating an artificial root. A crown, which would blend into the surrounding teeth would then be attached restoring the smile without gaps.

Whether some minor damage has occurred or whether the tooth has gone, contacting the dental practice for an emergency appointment helps keep your smile protected and your oral health in top form. Contact the local dental practice if this sounds like something that may be needed.

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