What to Consider Before Renovating Your Laundry Space

Nobody likes doing the laundry. But maybe that’s why you should actually think of how to make your laundry room better. It’s that space in your house that no one particularly likes to be in. After all, it means doing chores. A drab space for chores will make you avoid doing chores instead of accomplishing them, which can be a problem as you’re supposed to stay there for hours doing laundry. So here’s how you can spice up your laundry room.

Look at Design Inspirations

The Internet holds many interesting things, and going through Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube for inspiration can help boost your mood. Many homeowners have tackled a project such as this, and they share their experiences and journey for the world to see.

Take inspiration in their creations- you’ll also learn neat tricks you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. For example, you’ll realize that you can also turn your laundry into a mudroom of sorts (especially if your laundry is connected to your backdoor) or that you can use modular drying racks to dry not just clothes but other washables as well. Being inspired will not only motivate you to accomplish this but also give you ideas on what to do in your project.

Set a Time Frame

Renovations always eat up a lot of time. And if you think that it might only need one day off your weekend to renovate a small room, think again. It might take a week to do a full renovation project, particularly if you plan to overhaul the entire room. So always take into account the time it would take to buy supplies, remove existing fixtures and furnishings, execute the actual construction, and bring in new furniture.

List Your Priorities and Must-haves

Speaking of furniture, it’s ideal to know what you want in your laundry early on in your project. For example, do you want more shelves to put things on? Or maybe you want closed cabinets to store your cleaning agents in. Create a list of things you would like included in your laundry, and order them by priority (especially since you’ll be working to a budget).

It’s also important to write down what sort of physical changes you need to make to the room. Changing the tiles, relaying the pipes, or cleaning the vents — these are the things that should be included in your list. Having one will help you because you won’t be asking yourself “what’s next” every minute or so when renovating.

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Figure Out What You Can and Can’t DIY

This renovation might be something you’re excited about, but it might also be something you can’t do alone. If you like DIY and have done DIY projects before, then great. But there are some tasks, like installing or cleaning a dryer vent or moving a pipe, that can prove difficult. Not to mention that you also need to have the time to accomplish this project thoroughly, especially if you’re changing something significant, like the wall paint or tiles. Sometimes, it’s better to hire a professional to set tiles for you, especially if you don’t exactly have a whole day or afternoon to do it.

Consider Getting Custom-made Items

Who doesn’t want to have a unique design in their own home? Once you’ve decided on a theme and look for your laundry room, you might come to realize that some components would have to be customized for you. It can be because of the room’s dimensions or simply because the design you like is not in the market.

Whatever the reason may be, you have to put it into writing whether you will go custom-made, because it will considerably affect your budget. If you know which ones will cost you more, it will be easier to figure out how to cut corners elsewhere.

Stick to Your Budget

Speaking of budget, it should come as a no-brainer to avoid going over. So instead of having a close approximation of how much you think you will spend, give yourself a bit more wiggle room. This allows you to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances and mistakes. A material might accidentally break, or an item might not fit. Having a headroom in your budget allows you to resolve this so that they become a non-issue.

Make it Fun, but Don’t Stress Over It

Remember that you are only renovating one part of your home, and it’s your laundry area at that. The goal is to give yourself more comfort and efficiency in keeping your home, not to design a showroom. Don’t sweat it!

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