Power Dressing for Women and Girls With Scoliosis

Dressing up when you have scoliosis can take forever because you can’t help but notice the curvature in your spine in anything you wear. And if you have back braces, you may even lose your self-confidence altogether, since the thing will peek through no matter what you wear.

But is your condition anything be ashamed of? While being different certainly affects our self-esteem, it’s not a flaw that makes us any less of a person, or someone less worthy. Everyone’s bodies have imperfections; yours is just a little more obvious, but it doesn’t dwindle your beauty one bit. Besides, a trusted scoliosis specialist can improve your posture in time, so there’s no reason to feel hopeless, ashamed, and unattractive.

As you dress up, just note that certain types of clothing, including bags and footwear, may put a strain on your spine, which you should be avoiding. High heels, for instance, can’t be an option for now, because it disrupts your posture and thereby worsens your pain.

Don’t be dispirited though, because heaps of clothing, shoes, and bags, still look good on you without compromising your comfort. So take note of these fashion tips that make every room your runway:

1. Wear Peplum Tops

Peplum tops are blouses that flare around the bottom half, looking like a miniskirt. They’ve been trendy for a while now, and don’t look like they’d go out of style anytime soon. You can choose from a number of styles, from T-shirts to puffed sleeves to off-shouldered. The peplum waist, where the “skirt” begins, makes your posture appear level while creating the illusion of a smaller waist and wider hips. In other words, it makes you curvy, but not because of scoliosis.

2. Pair a Fittep Top With a Skater-style Skirt

Like a peplum top, a skater skirt also flares or balloons around the bottom. It’s best paired with a fitted top to make you look curvier. If you’re feeling lazy to find a shirt that’ll match well with your skater skirt, buy skater dresses as well to spare yourself the struggle. Don’t mind the fitted top that accentuates your spine; your skater skirt can steal attention away from it. Plus, your curved spine won’t affect the chicness of your attire, anyway.

3. Choose High-waisted Jeans

Thankfully, high-waisted jeans made a comeback, so no one feels outdated while wearing them anymore. And for ladies with scoliosis, they’re a lifesaver. It accentuates your hips, drawing the eye to that area instead of your spine. You can also pair it with a fitted top, and layer with a baggy jacket or cardigan if your back showing bothers you.

4. Stick to Flats and Sneakers

white sneakers

High-heeled shoes may look more fashion-forward, especially as formal wear, but it’s not worth the pain and discomfort it’ll leave you with. Even people without back issues are discouraged from wearing it, so consider yourself lucky that no one can force you to don high heels, not even for your wedding day!

For casual attire, choose high-quality running shoes with breathable fabrics and adequate cushioning for your soles, ankles, and Achilles’ tendon. If you also use running shoes for exercising, choose a pair with thick carbon rubber heels for maximum shock absorption, which minimizes the force on your feet when you land a jump.

For business or formal attires, select “minimal shoes”, or shoes that are designed to make the front and middle part of your foot strike the ground rather than your heel. You’d notice that in a typical shoe, the tension is greater on your heels. But minimal shoes reverse that design to give your lower back some rest. You may also insert insoles in it for extra cushioning.

If your back pain bothers you often, ask your doctor if you’re fit for prescription orthotics. Like minimal shoes, it’s also a specialized shoe but made from plastic or graphite. Ask about accommodative orthotics as well, a softer type of prescription orthotics that offers more cushioning and support for your feet rather than your back.

5. Limit Your Backpack’s Contents

You probably prefer backpacks over handheld purses or shoulder bags, since backpacks distribute weight on your shoulders evenly. But it won’t help with the pain either if you overload it.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, kids shouldn’t wear backpacks exceeding 10-20% of their body weight, while young adults’ backpacks shouldn’t go over 13-15%, and finally, college-aged adults shouldn’t go beyond 15-20%. Simply put, pack light. Opt for a trolley bag when you’re traveling for a few days; don’t take backpacking literally!

These clothing styles are comfortable and suitable for almost all body types, which is how fashion should be. Break the notion that style sacrifices comfort. You can definitely have both and radiate with confidence and positive energy.

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