A few pointers surrounding facial fillers

Refreshing and rejuvenating the appearance

Cosmetic treatment or procedures are often a taboo subject, but with society focussed on appearances, it is no surprise that more people are turning towards cosmetic treatments to rejuvenate their appearance.

Whilst a lot of people want to reduce the signs of ageing, the thought of undergoing surgery or any sort of treatment can be daunting, especially when facing the unknown.

Dermal fillers Kent are one of these treatments and luckily the treatment is as simple as the name suggests. A filler is injected into the dermal layer of the skin. As the body ages, the skin’s elasticity begins to reduce and therefore lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet can begin to come into effect. As an individual ages approximately 20% of the hyaluronic acid within the soft tissue depletes causing the signs of ageing, such as a more sunken look or elastic appearance to the skin. The fillers are one attempt to replace the hyaluronic acid within the body to create a more youthful appearance for more mature patients or to create a plumper, more defined appearance in younger generations.

Can anyone administer facial aesthetics?

As with many products within society, first there are the regulated products which have undergone a series of safety checks and are administered by highly trained professionals. Then there are the copies which skip or present fake safety checks and can be bought online, to be administered by yourself or another individual with little knowledge of facial anatomy. Whilst the second option is, more often than not, the cheaper solution. The desired results may never be reached due to the lack of knowledge when administering the solution and in some extreme cases, harmful chemicals or pure junk can be injected into the skin rather than the safe, regulated hyaluronic acid.

Therefore, it is true that anyone can, in some form, administer the filler injection, but is this the safest or more sensible option? No, it is far from it.

Where to start your search?

If considering facial aesthetics in any form, the first place to begin your discussion is at your local dental practice. Whilst not all offer facial aesthetics, with the rise in popularity of these treatments there are a variety of dental practices that offer these services. Attending a safe, supportive and clean environment which is licensed for these treatments and procedures can help you immensely. Not only can insight into the options available be gained, but also any questions that may have come to light can be answered. Receiving the answers, understanding the process and putting your care in safe hands has never been simpler.

Following on from the first treatment

Fillers, whether dermal or lip, currently last any time between 3 to 12 months. This is dependent on a variety of aspects, from the area the filler is administered to the individual’s own genetics. Once the first treatment has been completed, should the appearance wish to be maintained then regular top up appointments would need to be booked in. For those wishing to remove the appearance of the filler they can either wait for it to reduce the effects without another appointment to follow, or in some cases a reversal treatment can be administered to remove the treatment promptly.

All of the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the process can be discussed in detail with the dental team, therefore use their expertise to ensure all the facts are placed in front of you.

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