Pointers for Winning a Disability Case

In the USA, people with disabilities have benefits and financial support, given that they have responsibly paid Social Security taxes. Furthermore, low-income disabled individuals are given aid regardless if they have worked in the past. Ultimately, we agree that these programs are beneficial. However, the sad truth is that about 50% of disability claims are denied on the first try.

Winning your disability claim to reap these benefits can be very difficult. Nonetheless, it’s not impossible. Gleaning from disability lawyers from Utah, here’s how you can win a disability case or appeal:

Tip # 1 Hire a Disability Lawyer or Advocate

The best thing to do before filing a disability appeal is to hire a professional lawyer or advocate to help you. In general, doing so can increase the chances of your claim being approved. Naturally, these people are knowledgeable about SSA policies and procedures, giving you a definite advantage while preparing your request. A lawyer or advocate can help you with all the necessary documentation and paperwork. Also, you’ll be given a clean presentation regarding your case, increasing the odds of you winning your hearing.

Tip # 2 Record Everything

This applies to visits to your doctor as well as proof of therapy, treatment, and medication. The court will ask for evidence of these. Hence, it’s best that you already have everything prepared before filing a claim.

Keep records of your prescription refills, check-in forms, and other types of hardcopy evidence. Remember that you’re most likely to get a win if you show the court that you’re doing everything in your power to get better. This is why you have to keep track of accounts that prove your dedication to your health. Furthermore, neglect of any prescribed treatment from your doctor can result in disability claim denial.

Tip # 3 Avoid Exaggeration of Disability

One sure way to lose your case is to exaggerate symptoms of your disability. The court has probably heard every sob story you can come up with. Hence, it’s inadvisable to appeal to their emotions and whatnot. Always keep in mind to present honest facts. After all, you don’t need to have a severe condition to qualify for the benefits. You have to prove that you’re unable to live life normally.

Tip # 4 Share Your Personal Background in Moderation

Attorney comforts client

While it’s true that honesty can help your case, you should be aware of what you should and shouldn’t share. This is why you’re encouraged to hire a disability lawyer. Ultimately, he or she can help you sort out what to present to the court. Of course, this includes avoiding to disclose sensitive information that can damage your case. Unless asked directly, you should not share any damaging information such as drug abuse, criminal record, and alcohol abuse.

As mentioned, it’s a little difficult to win a disability case. However, it is not impossible at all. On that note, you’re encouraged to heed these tips for a favorable outcome. And with that, we wish you luck on your disability case.

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