Planning Your Career? The Healthcare Industry May Be for You

Do you have a selfless passion for serving others? Have you always wanted to help other people regardless of what you’d potentially make yearly? Are you prepared to stay in school for half of your adult life? If you answered yes to these questions, then the healthcare industry may be for you.

Doing your research on your own may be enough, but if you’re serious about your career and making a mark in yours and other people’s lives, consider talking to a staffing agency like Floyd Lee Locums to gain more insight and to know where you could fit best.

The healthcare industry is no joke, and if you decide to dedicate your life to service, then you better be prepared. Here are some of the healthcare careers you may want to consider this year and see if you’re in the right industry.


Physicians have a choice if they want to work in a hospital or if they want to put up their own private practice. Some opt to work in a firm or in a hospital to gain more experience, and once they’re ready, put up their own private firm and enlist the help of other doctors they’ve met along the way.

There are several options for physicians as well if they want to focus on a specific area of expertise, or some choose to be a GP (general physician). Some who love children focus on pediatrics, while others who have always wanted to battle cancer choose oncology.

Regardless of their chosen specialty, each track has its own challenges and fulfillments.


therapist and patient

If you’re more about helping people treat mental and psychological disorders, you can choose to be a psychiatrist or a psychologist. Therapy is a great way to serve others, as most people who have mental issues seek the counsel of a licensed therapist to understand their condition further and to treat it in the long run hopefully.

The greatest challenge of being a therapist is making sure you don’t get too invested in a patient’s case. It can get quite tricky when you become the sponge for all their emotions, so you have to be able to practice enough empathy, but still able to separate yourself from your patient.

Physical Therapist

Quite the opposite to a therapist, physical therapists treat what they can directly see — according to the prescribed diagnosis of the physician. PTs (as what we usually call them) are often involved in physical injuries such as those that have been in a car accident.

They also tend to those who need rehabilitation or physical therapy if they’ve lost a limb due to sickness or a major accident. Physical therapy requires patience and the ability to inspire patients to believe that they can and will get better.

A certain amount of empathy is required to create that level of connection with your patient, especially if it’s a patient you’d need to see and treat regularly.


If you’ve always had a penchant for fixing teeth and making sure everyone has a great smile, then dentistry is the right career choice for you. Being a dentist also requires a certain amount of care and risk, as it would eventually involve needles and handling anesthesia if any type of surgery is required (i.e., pulling out a wisdom tooth).

Teeth can get very complicated is are always different for every patient.


These are only some of the most common healthcare careers you can look into if you’re planning a change or if you’re in the process of choosing a specialty you’d like to focus on. Talk to professionals like Floyd Lee Locums to find out where you could fit best.

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