For Mothers: Why Self-care Should Not Be Optional

Many things can make a mom a better parent. For one, you can teach your kids to be respectful and responsible by being a good example. This also involves providing for the needs of your children and being there when they need you the most.

But one thing that is common to most moms is their willingness to deprive themselves of self-care. We usually find moms skipping meals, forgoing sleep, and not giving themselves time to relax and enjoy. While this enables them to finish their to-do list and ensure their kids are well taken care of, lack of self-care can be detrimental to your own health.

Why Many Mothers Deprive Themselves of Self-care

Many moms, especially first-time mothers, feel guilty for indulging in self-care. They believe that with all the responsibilities they have on their plate, they can no longer afford to rest, let alone make time for self-care. They don’t even feel like they deserve a break because they wanted to be mothers in the first place.

Many people deem self-care as selfish. When you have a little one relying on you every step of the way, making yourself a priority is no longer an option. As priorities change, self-care becomes the least of their worries.

The problem is, when one no longer prioritizes self-care, this leads to a lost sense of identity. Motherhood makes you ten times fold busier, more tired, and more involved in your family’s needs. This leads to loneliness, self-pity, and the tendency to let go of yourself.

Why Moms Should Prioritize Self-care

Everyone deserves self-care, especially mothers. Even if humans are designed to push through, there is no reason to overdo this. One cannot give more than their limits.

A survey shows that up to 78% of mothers take self-care for granted. They are too busy caring for their loved ones, careers, and houses. They usually treat self-care as the least of their priorities.

Taking good care of yourself enables you to have more energy to take better care of your home and loved ones. You are essentially allowing yourself to relax and replenish so you will have the energy to take care of your loved ones. By prioritizing self-care, you are essentially doing yourself a favor.

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How to Put Self-care in Your To-do List

Learn About Your Needs

What constitutes a great self-care routine might not be the same for all mothers. For some, they only want a few minutes’ worth of rest and free time. For others, this can involve having at least a weekend each month to replenish.

Ask yourself what kind of self-care works best for your situation. Know your needs and address each one. This will help you find the best self-care strategies that will suit you.

For example, your busy schedule stops you from seeing your doctor and gives you no time to attend your dental appointments. Simply having a reliable dentist like one from Metro Dental clinic is not enough. Make arrangements so that you can attend your respective health appoints to ensure you are in optimum health.

Know That Self-care Is Nowhere Selfish

Taking time to rest, exercise, enjoy a healthy meal, socialize, and do something you enjoy doing is never selfish. All these are essential to keep yourself happy and healthy. Remember that when you are healthy and feel happy, it becomes easier to function and take better care of your loved ones.

Be a Good Example

Moms try so hard to set good examples for their kids but tend to forget self-care as part of that routine. Simply telling your family to take care of their health and doing everything you can to care for them is not enough. You should also learn how to show you care about your own well-being for the cycle to continue.

Make Time Doing What You Love

Find a mix of activities that you truly enjoy or want to experience. Find a way to incorporate your current lifestyle while saving some time to do what you love. Make this a part of your schedule so you can have time to feel happy and balanced.

Be Social

Being a mother may feel like you no longer have the time, energy, and the right to be social. But while your priorities have changed and you now have a little one relying on you, this is not enough excuse to be alone and stay lonely. A reliable support network will give better peace of mind, time to relax, and the opportunity to improve relationships inside and outside of the house.

Self-care should not stop after becoming a mom. You still are human with your own needs. If you want to become better and healthier for your loved ones, strive to take good care of your needs as well.

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