Modernism: Why People Choose Modern Home Interior Design

When designing your home, there is an endless selection of styles to choose from. Artisan, country, and urban types are only some of them. But why do so many people choose modernism to style the place they spend the most time in? You first have to know what modernism is in interior design.

What Is Modernism in Interior Design?

Modernist interior design emphasizes a sophisticated and uncluttered style. It is the essence of modernism to focus not just on how each detail looks but also on how it functions. That is why it concentrates on industrial materials more than decorations. Even the colors and patterns used in this style are simple and neat to look at.

A wonderful thing about modernism is that it is progressive. It continuously evolves, and it doesn’t stick to just one pattern. The only words you can attach to modernism are simplicity and practicality. Here are some characteristics of the modernist style that make people fall in love with it.

Less Is More

This is probably the most practical factor about the modernist style. Since it focuses on functionality, you don’t have to buy many things to achieve the style. That’s also what makes it simple and inexpensive. Think about the most important things you need in your home. After that, you can start styling it.

Just because you’re aiming for simplicity doesn’t mean you should scrap the decorations. The thing is, you need to make sure that the ornaments you put in each room don’t get in the way of the rooms’ actual function. You don’t want to have a living room with too many pieces of furniture and potted plants. Remember that you’re avoiding your home to look cluttered.

Comfortable Spaces

Since you won’t have any excessive things in your home, you’ll have more space to breathe. It gives the place you live an overall welcoming atmosphere. Having wider floor spaces can make it more comfortable for you to move around and navigate your house, too. And you can get statement pieces of furniture or decor to accentuate one or more rooms. Plus, if you ever think of rearranging any of your rooms, it will be much easier to move the pieces of furniture and decor.

person deciding on a color scheme

Color Scheme

Color is the main thing that pops out when you walk into someone’s house. It gives your home a distinct character and sets the mood. That being said, picking the right colors that are perfect for your taste is a must.

You can choose at least three colors to mix with neutrals and play with their shades. If you ever have trouble choosing, you can always look them up on the Internet and make your own inspiration board. Or you can stick to the basics of a modernist color scheme. It makes use of bold primary colors, which are red, blue, and yellow.

Make sure that the colors are pleasing to your own eyes when you put them together in one room. The wall and flooring designs should flawlessly blend with or complement one another. Avoid putting colors on your walls that clashes with the design of your floor and vice-versa. But if you have found the perfect colors and patterns for either your walls or floor, you can always find wallpapers and carpets handy.

Modern Art

If you love the modernist approach to styling your home, there’s a high chance that you also love modern artwork. Modern art is characterized as a process of experimentation. It doesn’t let traditional concepts of art cage its creativity. You can use contemporary works of art like paintings, figurines, and more to decorate your home. There are even book holders, light fixtures, and other valuable things inspired by modernism.

If you want to go big, you can even base a whole room on different genres of modern art, like abstract art. Get furniture pieces, wallpaper, floor tiles, or carpets that accentuate geometric figures. You can even install structural lighting. It’s all up to you.

The most significant reason you would choose the modernist style in designing your home is that the ideas are endless. It doesn’t put you inside a box. Instead, it shows you that the box is just one of the things you can use in making your home.

It all comes down to your creativity and taste. Keep it simple and practical. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Mix different colors and patterns. Also, don’t forget the essence of your home and the things you put in it. Most of all, have fun!

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