Making The Most of Your Garage Space: What Can You Do?

Most properties in Boise come with a garage. After all, you’ll need a vehicle for you to get around Idaho. If you got that garage door installation finished and feel like you could do more with that space aside from using it as a space to park your truck, what else could you do?

With all that space left, it would be best to turn all that space into something completely useful. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Go for the Usual

A lot of families use their garage as a place for storage. There’s absolutely no shame in doing so. Just assemble a couple of heavy-duty shelves and have some large containers or boxes ready for all those things you might not use now but will need in the future such as holiday decorations, power tools, etc. Make sure to maintain a system so that it’s not going to end up as a room for the junk you’re too lazy to throw out.

Turn it into a Woodshop

Have a knack for making furniture with wood? Turn the garage into your studio so you can start working on that awesome shelf you wanted to build. You’d even have enough space to create things in bulk. You can now create your wooden masterpieces and have them on display.

Use it for Band Rehearsals

Nothing beats an awesome rehearsal for a gig done in the garage like your musical idols used to do! Just throw in a carpet and a couple of bean bag chairs to make it cozier for quick breaks in between sets. No need to worry about your instruments staying safe and dry since your newly installed garage door is sure to keep it safe from the erratic weather conditions.

It’ll double as a nice place to just sit back and relax after the kids get home from school, too. Just make sure to soundproof the walls so that the neighbors won’t complain.

Hold a Garage Sale on Weekends

ongoing garage sale

If you want to do an overhaul in the house and would need to declutter a lot of items, you can set up a garage sale on the weekends. Aside from being able to declutter, you get to earn a little extra income as well. A win-win for the buyer and you. You can save up for further upgrades for the house if you’ve made enough sales. Why not throw in the furniture you’ve created in your woodshop, too?

Do Some Laundry

Instead of driving to the laundry shop and paying for services, you can get a washing machine and a dryer so it can save you money and energy. Since these machines can take up some space, the garage will be the perfect place to put them.

The garage can be utilized in several ways! With all these tips, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your house. Always maintain cleanliness as well. Simply forgetting to close the garage door can compromise the safety of the house or the can damage or lose the items you put there. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun with it. Decorate according to your liking. You’re bound to make a happier home by utilizing a little extra space.

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