Key Pieces of Furniture You Need for Your Living Room

You don’t exactly need a professional interior designer to spruce up your home or flat (although they are a very big help!). Rather, homeowners can start exercising their inner interior designer by applying certain, basic design principles as a stepping stone to beautiful interiors.

One of the first things the budding designer should think about are key pieces of furniture. These room accessories will dictate the overall theme and feel of your room, so choose carefully!

Luckily, finding the right pieces of furniture is easier than ever. In our increasingly digital world, you can get furniture delivered from all over the world right to your doorstep, from online furniture shops to bespoke digital designer furniture stores from Italy.

Key Furniture for Your Living Room: Armchairs and Sofas

When designing a home, start with your living room. Your living room is the focal point of the entire home, from which all other design elements will emanate from. You can go minimalist or maximalist, but either way, it’s best to have foundational pieces that your entire theme will rest on (pun intended).

Two of these pieces are your armchair and sofa, arguably two of the most essential furniture in a living room, without which it’s just a standing room with a rug. When choosing an armchair and a sofa, your first priority should be comfort. Do not skimp on comfort, as you’ll want to buy something that will remain comfy for as long as possible.

As much as possible, get an armchair and a sofa that match one another. This doesn’t mean you have to buy them as a set, however: opt for complementary pieces that, while they might not be exact copies of each other, will have design and color elements that play off of one another and highlight each other positively.

Neutral, or Red

living room

As for color choice, it usually depends on whether you’re going for a classic or modern look; however, there are two general ways to go about it: either go for a neutral color or go for a muted red. Both these color choices work well with either classic or modern designs, and the red adds a splash of warmth to any home.

One thing to consider as well: don’t go for sofas or armchairs that only work as living room pieces. It’s always best to go for designs that could work well in any room of your home. This means that extra-long or L-shaped sofas might not be the best choice if you’re planning to have a more versatile design for your home.

Leave the Bachelor Things for Bachelors

And one more thing: bulky leather sofas or armchairs, while it might look cool in a bachelor pad, aren’t the most ‘mature’ looking option for people who want to live in style or are living with a family. As a general rule, if your partner thinks that a piece of furniture is kitsch, chuck it. That goes for neon beer signs, a foosball table, or a pub-type bar in the corner. Leave that in the past, like your college days.

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