Keep Calm: 3 Things to Do to Calm the Pre-Wedding Anxiety

It’s totally okay to have pre-wedding anxiety. Even the most secure, committed bride will ask, ‘Do I really want this?’ ‘Is this the right time to do this?’ and many more scary questions. Along with this, her mind wanders to the tiny details of the ceremony, like who sits where, whether or not the DJ could make it, or where the distant aunt who didn’t RSVP would stay. As they say, brides are pretty on the outside but falling apart on the inside. If you find yourself struggling to keep your composure because of the jitters, here are some things to do to ease out the tension:

Trace your journey.

In a nutshell, what’s happening is you’re getting overwhelmed about what will happen. In times that the future is scary, the antidote is to look back at the past. Trace how you got here in this moment. If you’re worrying if this is really what you want or if this is the right time to do it, go back to that time you knew that the man you’re marrying is the man you want to spend the rest of your life with. Maybe you felt it at the time you both were stuck at home, lying on the couch, eating cold pizza while the rain is pouring hard. Or perhaps when you saw how fatherly your significant other was at your niece’s. Enumerate the times you decided he was the one. Hold on to that. Keep that in a journal. Read it while you’re on your way to the ceremony. Ask people to give you a minute or two to yourself at the limo. If you haven’t picked a bridal car yet, check out the wedding limousine services Miami, FL companies offer.

Indulge yourself a bit.

You know what would comfort you better than anybody else. Ask your maid-of-honor to keep your comfort objects, chocolates, your favorite hanky, a soothing ointment-gel on stand by. Weeks prior to your big day, do a bit of pampering. Time off will certainly help in the anxiety symptoms, the sleepless nights, easily-irritable attitude, and frequent zoning-out. Block off your day for a facial and a massage. Go for a food crawl with your future spouse out of town. Party with your bridesmaids. Hop from one bar to another. Or do it in the limo. Whatever you do though, if it involves alcohol, do it in moderation. You don’t want to be super drunk that you regret doing something, that you get a bad hangover the next day, at your meeting with the event coordinator, or worse, on your wedding day. Indulge yourself. But only a little.

Talk to your fiancé.

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Designate a schedule wherein you and your partner won’t talk about wedding planning. No budgets to discuss. No in-laws to pacify. Nothing, just your relationship. Be transparent with him about your anxieties. Maybe he has his own, too. Knowing that you’re both struggling, that you’re not alone in the journey, can in itself be a source of comfort. And maybe you can ask him what he does when it creeps up on him. It might open up deeper conversations that would bring you closer together. Take time to reminisce about the good times, too. Nostalgia can introduce a fresh sense of intimacy towards one another, which can equally help in overcoming those anxieties.

Do You Struggle with the Jitters?

Again, it’s perfectly normal to have jitters before the wedding day. This is a big change in your life. Of course, you’re bound to get some anxiety here and there. Nonetheless, know that you can remain calm, composed, and very pretty when you walk down the aisle. You just have to make the effort to do these steps.

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