Is Metal Roofing Right for Your Home?

There are plenty of things to consider when choosing the type of roof for your home. The material of your roof not only affects the overall look of your home, but it will also impact your daily life. How your roof will respond to the weather changes in your state should be something to consider as well when planning to install a new roof.

For these reasons, the popularity of metal roofing, not only in Salt Lake City and Utah, is surging. Across the United States, many are opting to install metal roofing on their homes. Here are the reasons why you should, too.

Easy to Install

Roof installation is urgent in some cases. For example, if a major hurricane is heading to your state, you can call a professional and have a metal roof installed within two days. Installing a metal roof does not require tearing off shingles. Although some go that route, you will be glad to know that metal panels can also be attached to your existing roof.

Ideal for Any Weather

Metal roofing is practically weatherproof. Due to the way metal panels interlock and how they have a smooth surface, it offers maximum shedding of snow. This type is impenetrable by water when it is raining heavily. If you live in an area where there is danger of wildfire, your roof will not burn.

Metal roofs are preferred in locations where extreme weather conditions are expected because they are extremely durable. They have been proven to resist high winds, high moisture (rain, snow, or ice), and high sun exposure. Contrary to what others assume, metal roofing does not attract lightning nor does it increase the risk of being struck by lightning.


Metal roofs last for a long time. As they are impervious to environmental elements, such as water and heat, homeowners can be assured that metal roofs would not be needing replacements or repairs any time soon. According to State Farm Insurance, metal roofs have a lifespan between 40 and 70 years. For comparison, a traditional asphalt roof can last up to roughly 12 to 20 years. You may never have to re-roof again within your lifetime.

Energy Efficiency

Metal reflects solar radiant heat, lowering the temperature inside your home and reducing the need for air conditioning. You can even raise the amount of solar radiant heat reflected by coating your roof with lighter colors such as white. The Metal Roofing Alliance claims that a metal roof can save you up to 40% in energy costs.


roof formwork

If you are environmentally conscious and you worry about the waste you will leave the planet once you are gone, then a metal roof is ideal for your lifestyle. Metal is 100% recyclable, so you can easily take your roofing to recycling outlets for it to be used over again. In contrast, shingles made of other materials often end up in landfills.


The one drawback of metal roofing is its cost. Having a metal roof installed can be up to two or three times more expensive than other materials. However, because they are extremely durable, metal roofs are worth it in the long run. You do not have to pay for installation again if you plan to live in the same house for years to come.

Before having a new roof installed, you should first consider your location and needs. Despite the benefits of having a metal roof protect your home, weigh down the pros and cons and consult an expert so you can choose what is right for you and your home.

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