Improve Your Car’s Suspension the Right Way

If you are one of those who want to tweak their cars to their specific needs, you might have a lot of work ahead of you. A specific area where you might feel lacking in your car is your suspension. This determines how well your car operates. It can also help determine how heavy a load you can bring along.

To make things easier for you, here are some things you can modify to get the suspension quality that you want:

The Springs

The heart of the suspension system is the springs underneath your car. When your car moves, the springs bounce to absorb the shock. The result is that you barely feel the road when driving. Depending on what you want from your suspension, you may want it stiffer or softer. The stiffer suspension handles heavier loads and has higher ground clearance. Softer suspension can mean you feel every bump in the road.

To modify your springs, you will need to buy custom ones. Fortunately, custom coil and torsion springs are available in Ohio and other states. You will have to specify the stiffness rating that you want, though. This may take a bit of experimentation, so be ready to spend some money on this particular change.

The Suspension Pad

Besides the springs, the suspension pad is another part that helps with the car’s support. They are useful for providing an additional layer of stiffness to the suspension. Car modders place them under the spring where it meets the spring plate. This positions them so that additional clearance is added. These rubber pads are popular because they provide slight additional stiffness for cars with low suspensions with minimal tinkering.

The Shock Absorbers

The shock absorbers are the backup for the springs. When the spring bounces, the shock absorbers reduce the bounce. If you want a stiffer suspension, you might want stronger shock absorbers. This is usually done by replacing the substance inside the absorbers. Thick oil makes it very stiff while gas-based shocks will only add minimal stiffness.

The Tires

modern new wheel car with disk brake pad

Many car owners don’t think of them as part of the suspension but the tires actually support much of the car. Proper selection can allow your car to suffer minor bumps without a problem. Besides that, good tires can grip the road better. This means that your car is more responsive to your handling.

The Strut Brace

You might want to check if your car has a strut brace. This is a simple bar above your suspension struts that strengthens the suspension. It is useful when cars turn because they naturally flex a bit. With a brace, this does not happen. It stiffens the suspensions and allows you to handle the car better.

If you are picky, getting your car in the right condition is important. Though the suspension is only a part of it, it is one step closer to having the perfect ride. The pointers above should give you a good idea of what to do. They can at least help avoid any pitfall when making modifications.

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