How Summer Camps Can Help Fight Teen Tech Addiction

Many parents find it hard to manage their children when they are throwing tantrums. That is why most of them tend to just give their kids something to play with, so they can get distracted. Unfortunately, you are only putting their health at risk whenever you give them your gadgets.

Excessive use of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets can harm children’s health. That is why the World Health Organization (WHO) advises parents not to let kids, particularly those under the age of six, spend more than an hour watching videos every day.

Raising kids in a tech-free environment

A lot of people may not know it, but tech titan Steve Jobs actually raised his children in a gadget-free environment. Even some elite families in Silicon Valley are implementing no-phone contracts for nannies who take care of their kids. They will surely give their children gadgets in the future, but they are prolonging the need as long as they could.

Another person who raised his kids in a tech-free environment is Bill Gates. The truth is that he did not let his kids use phones, particularly during dinner. The couple also set a limit on how many hours their children can use their phones before bedtime.

Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel also applies the same rule to his kids, which he learned from wife Miranda Kerr’s first marriage. Now, he is encouraging other parents to limit their kids’ use of gadgets, too.

Spending time outdoors to battle tech addiction

boy playing video games

A growing number of parents are now struggling to unplug their children from their gadgets. Most teens nowadays prefer staying in their rooms to immerse in video games instead of spending time outdoors. And like everyone else who is obsessed with their techie gadgets, teens are becoming prone to weight gain.

While it is true that not everyone can build a fiberglass pool in their Utah home, summer camp intervention can help bring the kids back. It is an old-fashioned camp fun-filled with swimming, ziplining and other physical activities.

Unplugging kids from their devices combined with a healthy lifestyle can help them tremendously with their health. Even more, the activities will also help them shed a few pounds and learn to make new friends again.

Many parents report seeing a complete change with their kids after distancing them from their gadgets. Their self-esteem is now higher, and they are doing better at school.

Learning the effects of technology on your kids’ development is crucial for their growth. Think of ways to engage them in other activities that will distract them from their gadgets. Experts add that your kids rely on a useful family model. At the same time, teach your children about how the family model works to help them become better adults.

It is best to spend as much time as you can with them so that you can guide them through their developmental years. Eating dinner without having any phones at the table, for instance, is an excellent example. As parents, you need to become a role model for your children.

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