How Much Should You Spend on Hardwood Flooring?

The average price of installing hardwood flooring in Irvine, CA, may cost around $9 per square foot on hardwood flooring for 1,282 square feet of space.

Your choice of hardwood and the cost of labor will affect the actual price. Homeowners in Irvine still pay a lower-than-average rate for hardwood flooring installation. The national average costs up to $10 per square foot. Take note that traditional and engineered wood comprise the two types of hardwood flooring. Engineered wood costs slightly more than the traditional kind with a price difference of $1 per square foot.

Choosing Between Traditional and Engineered Wood

Choose traditional solid wood if you dislike creaky or noisy floors, which happens if you walk on engineered wood. Traditional wood, though, costs more and isn’t as strong as the engineered type. You can reduce the level of noise from an engineered wood floor by stapling it down or using glue. Most types of engineered wood also have their own coating and stain, as opposed to traditional wood that can be coated more easily.

Breaking Down Expenses

The fair price of hardwood for covering more than 1,200 square feet costs around $6,060, while estimated labor fees may cost more than $4,200. Some contractors may charge per project instead of an hourly fee. You could also pay a flat rate for a certain job even if you want to install hardwood on a smaller area.

Job materials and supplies, which may cost around $513, also contribute to the total expenses. You could negotiate a labor-only deal if you want to be more particular with the type of hardwood and job supplies. The only downside to this involves spending time and effort to know the best options available in the market.

attic with hardwood flooring

What’s the Installation Process?

It may take almost 67 hours of professional labor to install hardwood flooring on 1,282 square feet of space. Hardwood flooring installation usually starts by moving around furniture and clearing the space in the target area. You’ll need to pay a bigger fee for labor expenses if you want the contractor to move your furniture. The contractor should return after two weeks from completing the task for sanding and finishing the newly installed hardwood, which can take up to five days.

You should avoid walking on the new flooring for at least six hours immediately after installation, although the contractor may advise not to do so for a longer time. Place furniture at least two days after the installation, which means you should already have a temporary storage area before installing hardwood. Put carpets a week after the installation.

You should hire a professional to guarantee the best results for hardwood flooring installation. Despite the high upfront cost, installing hardwood can be a great advantage for those who plan to sell their houses in the future. Your home’s resale value may increase by up to $7,200 with a properly installed hardwood floor. Ask at least three different flooring specialists in Irvine to have a good comparison of rates.

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