Hosting a Minimony: “Bonus” Wedding Ceremonies on a Budget

Planning a wedding amid a pandemic has never been more challenging. Couples have to juggle the uncertainty of reopening and restrictions and how the circumstances will affect their wedding plans. That’s why couples today opt for simpler, more intimate celebrations in wedding venues with limited guest capacity.

Engaged couples opt for alternate wedding adventures from brunch weddings, micro weddings, elopements, and minimonies. These options allowed them to move forward with their wedding ceremony to avoid postponements and a series of pivots. Having a small wedding also opens opportunities for more fabulous options for an intimate gathering with their closest loved ones.

Among the emerging small wedding formats, a new wedding format introduces a fun twist to the traditional wedding ceremony — the minimony. Minimonies, short for a mini wedding ceremony, is a small wedding celebration that happens on the proposed wedding date. To better explain the concept of minimony, this article will discuss what it means, the perks of minimony celebration, and some ideas to organize a successful minimony.

What is a minimony?

A minimony is a combination of the words “mini” and “ceremony,” which refers to a small wedding ceremony held exclusively with loved ones or a simple celebration of commitment between couples. Given the uncertainties and challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, couples are opting for mini ceremonies for different reasons.

What makes this wedding format different is its meaning and size. A minimony is held at the couple’s actual wedding date while keeping physical distancing guidelines in mind with plans to organize a bigger wedding bash in the future.

Most couples choose a minimony if the circumstances prevent them from staging their actual wedding day on the given date. This often happens when situations go beyond the couple’s control, such as social distancing policies and unexpected budget constraints. This works for couples who don’t want to cancel their wedding completely but honor the original wedding date with a simple celebration.

Thus, a minimony is a small-scale wedding ceremony with no more than 20 guests and is a “precursor” to a larger, formal wedding reception in the near future.


Why host a minimony?

If the current situation prevents you from pursuing your original wedding plan, a minimony makes a suitable alternative. It serves as a “bonus wedding” as you and your partner wait until the circumstances allow you to have a formal wedding ceremony.

Postponing a wedding date can be frustrating for couples who took the time and effort to choose the best wedding day for their union. With invitations already distributed to family and friends, it may take a lot of effort to remind each guest about the postponement of wedding plans. A minimony solves this problem by allowing couples to push through the wedding instead of sending cancellation notices.

A minimony is a great opportunity to tie the knot, whether ceremonially or legally, on the date you originally planned your wedding. You can organize a small version of the wedding with the closest families and friends, then host a large-scale ceremony at a later date.

Some couples opt for a minimony as a “sequel wedding.” It has similar features to the original wedding but with a smaller venue, limited guest list, and a more intimate celebration. This also works best for couples who prefer a combination of an intimate gathering and a grander atmosphere.

A minimony is also ideal for couples who want an exciting twist to a traditional wedding or just want to keep everything casual. Instead of having the wedding in a formal venue, you can opt for casual venues, such as the backyard, garden, or any place that holds a special meaning for you and your partner.

Creative ideas for a memorable minimony

Hosting a minimony shouldn’t be tricky. Although your original plans have changed, a few tweaks can make your special day possible with a limited audience. Simplicity is key when hosting a minimony. Don’t pressure yourself into making a grand celebration to satisfy everyone. The ultimate goal of a minimony is to honor your original wedding date but with a more intimate reception.

The key is to limit the guest list to at least 20 attendees or fewer. Hire a perfect officiant to bind the ceremony legally. You can choose a relative or friend to make it more intimate. From the dress code and decor to food and music, incorporate a twist or a unique detail to make the wedding more meaningful. A great tip is to focus on themes that provide inspiration and connection to your love story.

If you’re ready to plan your small-scale wedding, then a personalized minimony might just be perfect for you. This wedding format allows you to enjoy your most special day with your loved ones without going over your budget. Write down your wedding priorities to determine which choices will guide your decision.

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